Vision’s Fantasy Supergroups

The Other Ones

Michelle Williams, Sarah Harding and Mel B. They were the ones you always forgot, always in the shadows of the likes of Beyonce and Cheryl Cole. When you talk about Destiny’s Child or The Spice Girls, you refer to them as ‘The Other One’. Well, they’ll show you! With this much talent between them, none of them will leave to pursue a solo career.

YUSUper group

Kallum will have to stop running for YUSU President one day, and when that day comes, we’re hoping for a YUSUper Group. Cass Brown can be Sporty Spice, Daniel Whitmore Ginger Spice, George Offer Posh Spice, Anna McGicern Baby Spice, and Kallum Taylor Scarfy Spice. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a cover of Ye5terday by The Beatles.

30 seconds to Bruno Mars

Can you imagine two acts better suited for each other? While 30 Seconds To Mars are declaring war, Bruno Mars can catch all the grenades. This super group would finally bridge the divide amongst 14 year old girls by providing a style of music palpable to both the angsty and bubble-gum pop demographics, cornering the market.