“Vision Says” – Issue 245

A little healthy competition: After the maggot veg scandal last term, Nisa has again come under fire for their exorbitant prices.  In their reply to our challenge they basically told customers to get lost.

The 15,000 strong student body deserves better than what is essentially a glorified corner shop.

The University needs to authorise the building of a second medium-sized supermarket to add a healthy dose of competition to the mix and end the maniacal monopoly of Nisa.
Only then will prices come down and quality will improve.


Banking on a crisis: We don’t know how many students go to food banks or whether the number is particularly large. But what we do know is that some students do and bosses need to act.
One way of doing so would be to promote the bursaries and scholarships available to students.

Another would be to look at making grants easier to access in times of crisis. A student, for example, should not have to see a food bank as their only option when they lose their wallet. We must be fairer when giving out money as research shows nutrition and attainment go hand-in-hand.


Taking a turn for the worse: When is the university going to act on the dangerous routes into campus? It’s simply not enough anymore to say it’s the council’s responsibility.

Signs are there, but gates are left open and students still use them late at night. You can’t stop people using them but better obstructions could be in place.


One door closes, another one opens: We are ecstatic to hear the news of new library doors. The extra entrance was needed during times of a student stampede.