Vanbrugh parodied in spoof Twitter account

The original JCRC poster that provided inspiration for the account.
The original Vanbrugh poster that provided inspiration for the account.

A Twitter account claiming to be Vanbrugh mascot, Duck Norris, has been set up parodying Vanbrugh College in reaction to a poster.

A newsletter poster was emailed out to all Vanbrugh College students and warned them to wrap up in a coat in the face of cold weather.

It was ridiculed online and led to the creation of a spoof Twitter account.

Using the handle @VanburghCollage, the account, named Duck Norris’s tips, regularly posts inane tips accompanied by the hashtag #Vanbrughtips.

Vanbrugh JCRC President Millie Beach responded to the account saying: “While the JCRC wasn’t responsible for the original message, it’s great to see such a wide response to one of the college newsletters!

“While their advice is golden in places, they could maybe benefit from some advice on spelling Vanbrugh correctly… though I suppose that’s a trap we all fall into.”

The Twitter account’s bio reads: “Top tips you may never have thought of to help you get the most out of your day-to-day life.”

The bio also links to a tweet by York Vision sharing the Vanbrugh poster.

Set up on 23 January, the account had tweeted out 33 tips at the time of writing.

It is followed by 17 people.

2 thoughts on “Vanbrugh parodied in spoof Twitter account

  1. If you’re going to report on non-news like this, at least get it right! It was the college who sent out the original message, not the JCRC. The twitter account is a parody of the college, not the JCRC. They are different things.

  2. Following on from the previous post, as well as mis-reporting that the article parodies Vanbrugh JCRC rather than Vanbrugh College, you also stated that Millie Beach is President, when her title is infact Chair.

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