University’s 1970s drugs shocker

Peter-Hitchens_877_1871668c1Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens and Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman were “probably the only two people at the University” who didn’t take drugs in the 1970s, it’s
been claimed.

Newspaper journalist Hitchens says in a column for the MailOnline that people have told him that he and the deputy leader of the opposition were probably the only two students at the University who didn’t “smoke dope” in the early 1970s.

He wrote, in an article titled ‘The question is not who is taking drugs, but who isn’t’: “People have told me since – and they were only half-joking – that Harriet Harman and I were probably the only two people at the University of York in the early 1970s who didn’t smoke dope.”

When Vision contacted Mr. Hitchens for comment he said that he “assumed” it happened but he didn’t think that he was wrong.

“I never saw, or sat in a room with, anyone who took drugs, nor did anyone tell me that this is what they did. They would have known I would have disapproved. I assumed that it happened, and I don’t think I was wrong,” he said.