University confirms tenth college

University_of_York_ShieldTHE UNIVERSITY has confirmed that plans for a tenth college at York are underway.

The new accommodation blocks will become the fourth college on Heslington East and will be modelled after current development, Constantine College, due to open in
September 2014.

The plans are due to be debated and potentially passed at University Council later
this year.

The proposals have seen some reservations from YUSU president Kallum Taylor claiming the university may open the door to “discontent”.

“We currently support the University’s efforts to grow, diversify and compete up until the point where the basic needs, conveniences and general experiences of our members are compromised… Currently they’re just in line with that as discussions on wider Hes East facilities and services have developed considerably, but we need them to sign off!

“If Constantine opens without the supermarket, health centre and pharmacy the University will be opening the door to a lot of discontent.”

However, York Registrar David Duncan has insisted that the University is doing everything to uphold their obligations to residents on Hes East.

“We are in active discussion at the moment to build a small supermarket, around five additional shops and a GP surgery on the east campus. These facilities are increasingly necessary on the campus as the number of students and staff living and working there grows.”

Duncan further confirmed plans to develop a tenth college; “The ninth college will open in September 2014. We have begun plans for a 10th college, which would be situated to the east of Constantine.

This would be complemented by new dining and study space facilities on east.”

2 thoughts on “University confirms tenth college

  1. *Another* college? This university is overcrowded as it is! I’d like to put the university administration on the Unibuses between Hes East and West and see if they change their mind about whether the uni can take the strain of a couple of hundred more students.

  2. Hes East is quickly turning into a sleepy commuter town for Hes West. Get some more departments or something over there too.

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