“Tragic” porter poster ridiculed by students

University portersposter were ridiculed last week when posters advertising their services were spotted around campus.

The posters appeared to be prepared on Microsoft Word, and whilst they would be sure to get their creator at least a grade B in GCSE ICT, many found them to be of laughable quality.

The poster displayed some useful information, such as a list of porter duties and locations of portered receptions.

However, any utility it potentionally had was crushed under the weight of some incredibly poor design choices.

Student Alex Millar spotted the poster, and tweeted: “Surely @UniOfYork cant be serious? This poster is tragic. Covered in Microsoft word art, a 3 year old could do better.”

Matthew Hollingshurst, a first year environmental geographer, said: “It looks like a four-year-old did it and it’s far too text heavy, can’t be bothered to read all that!”

Elliott Ball, a second year mathematics student, added: “It’s a ridiculous poster, I don’t know why anyone would design that. ”

A university spokesman initially said he didn’t know what posters we were referring to.

But he added: “The important thing is that students and visitors are aware of the support porters, receptionists and security officers can provide.

“This doesn’t necessarily require an expensive advertising campaign.”

3 thoughts on ““Tragic” porter poster ridiculed by students

  1. Slow news day Vision? Is this seriously what qualifies as news now?

    Also, I think you’ll find that these posters have been up outside of porters lodges since last year. I’m struggling to see how they’ve only just been spotted, unless ‘spotted’ means ‘someone just made a tweet about it last week, let’s make this out as a big deal’.

  2. Who is this Elliott Ball person, he clearly just doesn’t understand the ironic retro brilliance of this poster. It’s 2015 guys word art is back in.

  3. Make that since 2 years ago. Guess it shows just how bad the poster actually was at getting people’s attention. Awful stuff.

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