Spaceman Tim Peake is coming to campus

iss-46_timothy_peake_during_spacesuit_fit_check_in_the_quest_airlock_2British astronaut Tim Peake will uncharacteristically take a journey on planet Earth to speak at Central Hall on November 5.

Peake, the seventh British national to enter space, will address a conference intended to inspire schoolchildren to follow in his spacesuit-boot-steps.

The event is being organised by the Physics Department and the UK Space Agency’s Schools Conferences.

Peake spent 26 weeks and 3 days in space where he conducted experiments on the International Space Station.

He blasted off from Kazakhstan in December 2015 and returned in June 2016 receiving widespread media attention.

The free to attend conference is part of a £3 million European Space Agency outreach initiative centred around Peake’s Principia mission.

During the event Peake will be shown work by schoolchildren “inspired by Tim’s Principia mission”.

Speaking about the conference Peake said: “Encouraging students to engage with my Principia mission was always something that I had hoped to do and I am thrilled at the range of different things young people have done to follow my mission.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing about their work direct from the young people themselves.”

The schoolchildren will also talk the audience through posters they designed as part of a competition to be on the stage with Tim.

Physics department head Sarah Thompson said in a press release: “We are really excited to welcome Tim Peake and schools across the UK to the University of York.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to showcase some of their amazing work, inspired by Tim’s mission.”