The Ultimate Guide to York Bars: The Parish

JaGER_B~1Price of a pint: Don’t you mean a jaegerbomb?
Location: Micklegate
Walking Distance: 25 mins
Google Search: HERE

Ranking: 3/5

This geriatric building was once a church and retains the beautiful, reverent façade, tempered by a big neon sign and a burly doorman.

The Parish has been converted into a large two storey bar, complete with neglected dance floor and £1 premixed jaegerbombs of questionable origin and potency.

I have a soft spot for Parish because it is usually quite empty on weekdays, and the staff appreciation that it is a mere jaegerbomb stop offer en route to greater things.

Consequently, the music played isn’t obnoxiously loud and the ability to ruminate on my more notable failings in life.

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