Tech News Roundup – 9

It may be World Cup Final day, one of us may have been drunk at time of writing, but that won’t stop us from giving you lovely techies your geeky goodness and our sass. If anything, it’ll be more so – alcohol is a wonderful thing.

Now, for the Tech News Roundup this week:



Sharknado video game: Developer Other Ocean are showing consumers what it means to innovate with the development of an endless runner based on the upcoming Sharknado 2 film.  It’s revolutionary decisions like these that remind us why they’re video game developers and we’re not.

Contraceptive chip: Ladies, ladies, round up! As of 2018, there may exist a remote-controlled contraceptive chip which, at the flick of a switch, can turn you on or off baby-making mode. Just don’t mix it up with your TV remote, you may regret it 9 months later.

Neversoft closes: After the sad news of Airtight Games last week, the gaming industry will be weeping even more tears, as Neversoft burns its eye farewell. R.I.P. Guitar Hero, R.I.P. Tony Hawk and R.I.P. the chance of a Crash Bandicoot reboot – our condolences to the folks at Neversoft.

Samsung VR revealed: According to a report from, Samsung is venturing into the VR arena with the ‘Gear VR‘. We would like to congratulate Samsung on what is possibly the least interesting name for a piece of tech in quite some time. Bravo, bravo!



The Wolf Among Us – Episode 5: After feasting on the fairy-tale goodness that has been The Wolf Among Us, Telltale Games’ click-and-point adventure comes to it gritty end this week. We’re sure it’ll huff, and puff, and blow your expectations away. It has to be better than our gags, surely?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S has just been released and sports a gorgeous Amoled display and true multitasking, as highlighted in this ad. Might be worth picking up. Oh wait, it’s a tablet, never mind.

Mousecraft: Bread and butter, Yin and Yang, Drake and Josh. Some things in life are destined to be together. Beyond our wildest expectations, it seems Tetris and Lemmings are, too, which developer Crunching Koalas‘ wants to prove with this latest puzzle game.

Samsung Gear Live smartwatch: The ultra-snazzy smartwatch from ‘Tech News Roundup – 7’ has finally been released, with a £170 price tag. We’re aware that your wallets may be wounded from the Steam summer sale, but it is World Cup season, which means you’ll certainly (probably) get all (some) of it back.



2K Humble Bundle: The fine folks at have released a new bundle of games in collaboration with publisher 2k. The pack includes, but is not limited to, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Mafia 2, Spec Ops: The Line and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The bundle helps various charities, is an absolute steal and is literally the fastest way to make you an asocial jerk over the summer. Our area of expertise. Buy it.

MAGIX Music Maker half price: Not only does it have all thumbs-up on its Steam user reviews, its now gone from 60 quid to 30 quid. Oh, and the gentleman on its cover picture looks just like a Republic commando from Star Wars. That’s three reasons to get it.

Assassin’s Creed: Pirate for free: Ahoy, mateys! The little sibling for last year’s Assassin’s Creed instalment is now free on iOS, which means you don’t have to pirate it. We know, we just couldn’t resist.

XMI Xmini Uno Portable Mini Speaker discount: The Xmini Uno portable speaker is on sale on Amazon (63%) with free shipping in the UK. If you were looking for a way to obnoxiously blast terrible music on the go, here’s the solution. Tell your pissed off neighbours we sent you, should be a laugh.

Special Mention:


Real-life Iron Man: With the world’s strongest military and a legion of spies (too soon?), you’d think that ‘Murica would have enough tools at its disposal. Yet, just like always, it wants more on its plate. Turns out the special effects team from the Iron Man films are working with the U.S. military to develop a real life Iron Man suit. Whether Robert Downey Jr. or Barrack Obama will don the suit is yet to be confirmed.

Adrian Horan
Adrian was previously a freelance writer for Vision before he went on to become News Editor for two editions. He recently retired from York Vision, having written as Tech Editor for three editions.