Students and alumni admit to using expired student cards

Have you ever used an expired student discount card? Fifty-seven per cent of former students are reported as being able to use their expired student cards without getting caught.

Shops don’t often check that student cards are being used within their expiry dates – or that that they are being used by the right person; 37 per cent have allowed family and friends to use their student cards to take advantage of their discounts.

The five most likely places to accept a student discount card:
1. Fashion retailer – 41 per cent
2. Cinema – 37 per cent
3. Restaurant – 22 per cent
4. Attractions – 16 per cent
5. Clubs/bars – 13 per cent

A recent graduate told Vision:  “I use my student card all the time, to buy food and clothes.

“No one ever checks, and because I am scruffy and wear my uni varsity jacket a lot, I still pass for a student.”

2 thoughts on “Students and alumni admit to using expired student cards

  1. I’ve found that some back in my hometown refuse to take mine due to its lack of expiry date, but presenting a railcard usually does the trick for some reason.

  2. Still use mine in Australia all the time thanks to the lack of expiry. Saves me a lot of money on public transport, movies and at bars when I pretend I’m out here on exchange. Not too bad really!

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