If you swanned off to a hot, secluded A-List island full of fashionistas and celebs, but shock, horror! The Airport lost your luggage! What would your top three beauty essentials be? Which summer lotions and potions would be your saving graces? We in the Health and Beauty team here at YorkVision Lifestyle gave you ours.

Helena Horton- Lifestyle Editor

1003106_10152034569978146_1573054847_nBenefit Bad Girl waterproof eyepencil & sharpener kitAs a recovering emo I can’t go a day without doing thick black catflicky eyeliner on my top lids. The sharpener would be my saviour when I accidentally blunted it. 

  • Finesse 2 in 1 moisturising shampoo and conditioner- I cheated a bit here by using a 2 in 1 shampoo but hey, it’s one product. I can’t stand having beach hair so keeping it clean and moisturised is a must!
  • Clarins true matte SPF 15 foundation in ivory- My skin is prone to burning and going an embarrassing red in the sun. I’m vain so I’d shelter in a cocktail bar with the A-listers and swap suncream for foundation because I could not bear having blotchy sun-rash skin around my fashion crushes.

Rachel Thompson- Lifestyle Editor

310729_10150367997616370_1026022609_nNivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion- To keep the sun and sand at bay and avoid dry, cracked skin, this works really well as a moisturiser and is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s not too oily either so it would help avoid blemishes.

Burts Bees Lip Balm- This will help avoid the sun contributing to dry, chapped lips from the aeroplane. It will protect your lips from UV rays and keep them soft and kissable (in case you snag a hot lifeguard) and it tastes minty-fresh too!

A pair of earrings- If I had no luggage this would add some sparkle to my look.

Joanna Barrow- York Vision Editor

393146_10200551554624036_1393055248_nL’Oreal Playball Deviation paste – a hair paste recommended by my hairdresser which is incredibly strong but doesn’t make your hair sharp or shiny, it somehow makes quiffs look wicked strong but touchably soft too

Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion – If you think your face is clean after just washing it, you have no idea. Just apply a bit of this to a cotton pad and be amazed at how much more dirt comes off after a day sweating in the sun. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’m lazy and it’s brilliant. ’nuff said.


Morenike Adebayo- Books Editor8616_10151463582214290_2063941803_n

Moisturiser, Or else I’ll turn into human crackling in the heat, I need something to keep my skin radiant, soft and prevent dryness

A good face cleanser– To keep blemishes at bay and to remove the grit, sand and sweat from partying on the beach.

Mascara- Because to me, going without any make-up is a sin.

Kathy Burke- Deputy Lifestyle Editor


Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo- This is for damaged and dry hair as it is sunny on a desert island. It would prevent the sun from drying out your tresses and keep your hair bouncy, shiny and clean.

 Soap and Glory Scrub- To get the worst of the sand, dirt, sweat and club stamps off your bod. It will also remove dry skin and keep your skin clean and soft. It comes in a pretty pot and smells great, too!

My favourite pale grey nail varnish- To add glamour to my simple beach look until my luggage was returned!


Rach Jackson- Lifestyle Contributor


Max factor 3-in-1 foundation, concealer and primer- Foundation is my make-up essential, and this is three in one so will keep blemishes hidden. 

Barbara Daly gel eyeliner- To make my eyes pop on the beach and to draw attention away from the fact that I don’t have my full makeup bag.

Shiseido cafe au lait foundation- Because its not normal if im not wearing at least three layers of different foundation!

Becca Schofield- Lifestyle Contributor  


  • Nivea Sun Inivisble 50- Because I am ginger and pale as a sheet, and therefore go lobster red without this cardigan in a bottle!

Aussie Leave in Conditioner – This smells delicious and as I’ll be doing a lot of swimming in the crystal-clear tropical waters this will stop me from getting crusty beach hair.

Chanel Rouge Allure lippy- This is the perfect red lipstick and I’ll need it for smooching handsome rescuers.

And here’s what our Lifestyle Veteran and former fashion columnist Frances Jennings has to say on the matter:

528949_10151870647695456_516720879_n I’d take simple maintenance products; SPF 50 P20, Aussie hair insurance, and some sudocrem for bites.

I’m big on holidays where I don’t have to dress up the way I do when I’m at home – also who goes snorkling in makeup?! It’s so impractical! On my secluded A-list getaway the only other people I want there are the friends I’m travelling with and the man bringing me cocktails in coconuts!