Senior university official calls for all students to be in bed “by 10.30pm”


A senior university official has made a bizarre call for all students to be in bed “by 10.30pm”.

David Duncan, the University Registrar and Secretary, made the remark after he was quizzed by York Vision on whether the University supported a nightclub’s bid to extend their opening hours.

He said he didn’t personally favour it, before adding: “I think all students should be in bed by 10.30pm.”

Nigel Booth, a first year computer science student, said: “No, I can’t see many students going to sleep that early realistically.

“Also some students work best at night so that would hinder their learning.”

Mansion has announced later opening times - far later than David Duncan's suggested 10.30pm. Image: Mansion
Mansion has announced later opening times – far later than David Duncan’s suggested 10.30pm. Image: Mansion

Mansion nightclub, located in Micklegate, recently had its application to stay open later approved by the council.

It means the venue can now close at the later time of 6am.

Police had warned that allowing the nightclub to stay open longer would mean an increasing chance of crime and antisocial behaviour, but three councillors granted permission for Mansion to stay open until 5am seven days a week and 6am on race days.Some local outlets and other councillors have criticised the move but club owner Andrew Whitney said it was “very positive”.

Emma Dye, a first year law student, said she thought it was “good” that a club would be staying open past 4am.

She added: “Other places in the country have clubs open until this time and so should York, so as long as there isn’t too much of a disturbance for residents having it open until this time.”

Mansion nightclub was open until 3am.

It is one of many clubs in York.

Jack Gevertz
Jack Gevertz is the former editor-in-chief of York Vision.

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