Revolution Premier League College XI

Alex Woolley (GK), Goodricke

LW: With astounding reflexes and brilliant shot-stopping, it’s a shame that Woolley plays for struggling Goodricke. Perhaps he’ll get snapped up by Derwent or James… does it work like that?

Mark Askham (RB), Derwent

GG: Solid as ever in the right back berth for Derwent, Askham has been instrumental in Derwent’s title push this year. A calming influence in the backline, his positioning and pace allow him to cut out opposition attacks and launch attacks up the pitch. Askham’s contribution extends into attack with his accurate crosses into the box often causing problems for opposition defences.

Tom Pickersgill (CB), Langwith

GG: A towering presence in the centre of Langwith’s defence, Pickersgill has been a rock at the back for his team this term. A classic English centre half, Pickersgill is strong in the tackle and powerful in the air. His ever-presence in the Langwith backline has provided a steadying influence in a campaign highly affected by injuries, while he has also chipped in with a couple of goals.

Ralph Gill (CB), James

LW: An ever-present in James’ league success and College Cup campaign last season, Gill possesses the experience needed by a James side experiencing an influx of baby-faced freshers. As well as being an integral part of a formidable back four, Gill has the ability to drive his team forward with the ball and rack up a number of goals and assists. If the Black Swan falls short in the league this time round, he’ll be vital in their quest to usurp Derwent next term.

Tom Benney (LB), Langwith

GG: The Langwith skipper has had an impressive season and has led his team ably, with a few outstanding team performances surprising many who wrote Langwith off as relegation contenders. Although a haul of four points from five games might not seem noteworthy, Langwith’s strong defence has been a fixture of their play and Benney has been prominent in contributing to this.

Jack McConnell (CM), Alcuin

TS: McConnell has a great work ethic and always puts in a shift defensively. At the same time he helps Alcuin’s attack a lot through making clever third man runs and once he has the ball around the box he is very clinical. This clinical shooting can be seen through his great strike against James in which he found the bottom corner from 20 yards effortlessly. With good stamina and clinical shooting he is essentially Alcuin’s Aaron Ramsey. Although, unlike Ramsey, he has had a great start to the season and has easily been one of the best midfielders in college football.

Sarin (RM), Alcuin

JL: Pint-sized with pace-filled pockets. Plays the crucial role of relieving the pressure from the Alcuin defence by carrying the ball back up the pitch. Not afraid to cut in and go for glory himself or go the long way round. Capable of skinning the right back and endeavouring to find a teammate waiting in the box.

Garo Heath (LM), Halifax

JL: Leads the line for Halifax with power, pace and intelligence. The heart of the team as ‘Fax’s captain and is the sun which the rest of Halifax’s attack orbit around. Orchestrates counter-attacks with through-balls and pace, and often  puts himself in the right position to prove his finishing ability. We’ve put him on the left-wing to emphasise his versatility.

Dyans Gohil-Patel (CAM), Langwith

LW: This fella’s so good, that the formation you see before you has been shaped around him. Possessing untold quantities of agility and creativity, Gohil-Patel operates most effectively off the strikers where he can exploit the space behind the opposition’s midfield. The diminutive playmaker has been fundamental to Langwith’s rise from the doldrum

Liam Sides (ST), Vanbrugh

TS: Sides has been an integral part of Vanbrugh’s strong season and has easily been the best striker in college football. With his pace and quick feet, he skips past players seamlessly, whilst his great finishing has seen him find the back of the net frequently. He has been particularly important to Vanbrugh in the big games, and despite being isolated for much of the game against Halifax he put in a great performance to aid his side’s win. He is a constant threat to defences in the league and thoroughly deserves to be in this XI.

Rob Nicholson (ST), Derwent

GG: A powerful centre forward who can also play on the wing, the fresher has burst his way into the Derwent side with aplomb. A frequent goal-scorer, Nicholson uses his strength and skilful feet to get himself into good positions and his lethal finishing does the rest. Three goals in three appearances alongside a few assists illustrates Nicholson’s important role in this impressive Derwent outfit.

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