Primal Scream, ‘More Light’ Review

In the last five years a lot has changed in Britain. Shambolic governmental change has transformed the idealistic Big Society into Breadline Britain and as the economy lies in tatters, rioting and discontent abound. The mood is one of tension as we seem to edge ever further towards chaos, and it is this feeling which drives Primal Scream’s newest album More Light. Lead single ‘2013’ is nine minutes of vitriolic pandemonium, with wailing saxophones battling against strident guitar riffs and Gillespie’s fevered vocals giving an effect that is at once overwhelming as it is intoxicating. The sense is that of chaos, which is what the lyrics reflect- the chaos of a shattered Britain embroiled in battle with itself. ‘Culturecide’ is as venomous and dour as the name suggests, and the lyrics to practically every song on the album come across as one very large middle finger pointed in the direction of Mrs Thatcher’s grave.


While each track adds something to the barely-suppressed rage inherent in the album, some can sound banal and their protestations hollow. However, this album still boasts many stirring and memorable offerings, in particular ‘Invisible City’ and ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’, songs which are movingly summative of the volatile atmosphere that hangs over Britain today.