Preview: Bangers & Mash

One of York’s premier student lead nights “Bangers & Mash” will be making a glorious return to the York Club Scene this term. Founded on simple but compelling idea of “A club night that just plays actual bangers”, it went from strength to strength last year with numerous sell-out shows at Fibbers and Tokyo, hosting the likes of XXXY, Eliphilo, Ossie, Waze and Odyssey and adding much needed colour to the local nightlife.

Hoping to cater to a wide range of audiences, they intend to juxtapose the known with the unknown, and drop  crowd-pleasing remixes and vocal samples alongside their more obscure picks, while still introducing audiences to bold new music. The five student founders, after taking break for their degrees, will return on April 23th, with the promise of providing a breath of fresh air for clubbers everywhere.