Preview: Bangers & Mash

One on York’s leading student-run nights “Bangers & Mash” is making a grand return to the York Club Scene on Friday 10th of October. The night has played host to big names such as, Waze & Odyssey, XXXY, Eliphino and Ossie, adding flavour to the local student nightlife. The event is returning with a residents and special guests night and with advance tickets at just £3, it appears to be a bargain you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Bangers & Mash aims to please all who attend; whether you are a true house head or just occasionally browse majestic casual. The music blends crowd-pleasing remixes alongside unknown ‘bangers’ that will really get your feet moving. If that hasn’t yet won you over, this event will be one of the first in the newly renovated Mansion Underground – with the famous staircase gone, there will be even more room for party-goers to truly enjoy the evening.

When: Friday the 10th of October, 11pm-3am.

Where: Mansion.

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