Opening night a smash hit

FIGHT NIGHT kickstarted a Roses weekend that showcased everything that is great about sport at our university. The prowess of the athletes, inclusivity, enthusiastic spectators, and impressive student media coverage across all platforms and outlets. Spectacle and entertainment in it’s purest forms, with a colossal crowd and ingenious arena.

Despite the first four fights being exhibition bouts, this did nothing to subdue the crowds appetite for boxing action, with boxers from York St. Johns and other areas of the north-west getting the full support from spectators. Saying this, when the university boxers walked out the atmosphere was palpable. Even when Laurie Twine was dealt his knockout blow, which prematurely ended his moment in the ring, Central Hall stood up to not only applaud his effort, but all the boxers and the event itself.

The crowd had been calling for Roy Hodgson since he was spotted taking his seat in the VIP area behind the ring, and many stayed to hear the England Manager and FA Chairman, Greg Dyke, interviewed after the conclusion of the boxing.