Music News

Daft Punk release 15 seconds of new music ahead of much-anticipated album release.
French electronic dance veterans Daft Punk have released a tantalizing 15 seconds of new material, on a mysterious new television commercial broadcast in America.
It included neither album title nor release date – just Daft Punk’s glitzy logo, rotating slowly and an image of the two DJs’ trademark headgear.
The band are due to release their fourth album some time in the near future, their first full-length release since 2005.
The advert gives no title, but the band are doing well at building up the album’s hype.

The Who’s Pete Townshend apologises to seven-year-old girl for swearing at her during Canadian show.
The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend has been forced to write a letter of apology to a seven-year-old, after it came to light that he told her and her father to “fuck off” during a live concert in Hamilton, Ontario.
Townsend’s fury was supposedly sparked by a placard that the girl waved which read, “Smash your guitar, Pete!”
He took the microphone to request that the fans refrain from bringing their children to shows, before mouthing the fated words in front of the whole crowd.

Further ‘Harlem Shake’ antics as group of fifteen Australian miners fired for performing the dance.
The infamous ‘Harlem Shake’ dance that has taken the world and YouTube by storm has caused further upset as fifteen Australian miners have lost their jobs for breaching safety regulations by performing it underground.
The miners who worked in the Agnew Gold Mine in Western Australia, are now left without the six-figure salaries they earned from working at the mine – despite some of the workers not actually participating according to reports. Perhaps this could be the end of the shake’s popularity…

Nicky Minaj fires both her make up artist and hair stylist in attempt to be taken more seriously.
Flamboyant popster Nicki Minaj has reportedly fired her hair stylist and make up artist, in an attempt to be taken more seriously as a musician.
The news comes after a series of controversial feuds with stars such as Mariah Carey, and much reported tantrums for reasons such as the grass outside her trailer at T in the Park being too long for her liking.
It remains to be seen whether this re-styling of her once flamboyant and controversial image will gain the respect she desires.

Massive Attack to end three year hiatus for the Manchester International Film Festival.
Massive Attack are set to end their three year hiatus, after being added to the line up for the Manchester International Film Festival.
The band have not played a live show since 2010, and the Film Festival is set to be their only live show in 2013. The band will be collaborating with film maker Adam Curtis, made famous by documentaries such as All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.
They will play the show at the Mayfield Depot, specially set up for the festival, for which tickets are selling fast.