Live & Loud in leaked fake poster gaffe

Just days before the official release of the Live and Loud line up, a shocking FAKE line-up poster was virally spread around eagerly awaiting York students.  The poster featured hip-hop stars N-Dubz and 2008 X-factor winner Alexandra Burke in the YUSU stamped ad.

The genuine Live & Loud lineup, via YUSU
The genuine Live & Loud lineup, via YUSU

Both artists have not seen a new release in some time, and with the lack of YUSU social networking support behind it, many returning students questioned the
legitimacy of the poster.

However some students acknowledged at the release of the official line-up, that the fake one was in fact better.

Emma Whiddett, a second year Linguistics student commented saying, “I can’t believe the N-Dubz one isn’t real! I actually prefer the fake line-up to the
official one!”

The official line up, released swiftly the following day, sees the likes of headliner DJ Fresh, Gold Dust, along with the likes of alt-rock band Peace and DJ Kirsten Nair (Hodor on Game Of Thrones) to live up to the last year’s main act
Katy B.

Rob Paulson, second year and Athletics president, however, was most excited for Hodor.

He commented, “It’ll be really awesome, Hodor at his best!”