Library staircase in remodelling disruption

Returning students’ eyebrows were raised as the steps leading up from University Road to the University Library faced demolition.

The staircase was previously one of two main routes linking campus north and south, but students will now have to use the library bridge to reach the library.

Library staff told Vision: “It’s part of York City Council’s plans to improve University Road for cyclists and pedestrians… They are building an alternative set of steps and modifying the route to the bridge from Market Square.”

Peeved third-year biologist Sam, said: “Health and safety keen-beans strike again. I hope this isn’t like when they ridiculously modified Vanbrugh Bridge to make it laughably narrow.”

Another commented: “It’s ridiculous. Those stairs are so useful and they’ve had all summer to fix them. Doing it now disrupts so many people and all for the sake of some stupid pedestrian plans – I’m a pedestrian and this irritates me!”

One thought on “Library staircase in remodelling disruption

  1. Well if they really wanted to remodel the staircase, then they should provide another easy route for students and other pedestrians who will use it. Having that staircase under construction would definitely bring a hard time for most people who use the stair frequently.

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