Let the ComedySoc Games Begin!


ComedySoc have a talent for creating hype for their events, what with their banterrific weekly emails filled with teasers and various definitions of the acronym ‘L.O.L.’. This week, titled ‘James Gamblin’s Game Jam’, promised to be a night of ComedySoc fun, jam sandwiches and free admission for members. These statements, as well as displaying the title in a large, bold, underlined font, enticed me into what sounded like a Wednesday night well spent – that it was.

As the audience made their way into V/045, we were each given a raffle ticket of which Gamblin had a duplicate in his magical black hat. In a ‘Hunger Games’-style reaping, he would select two “lucky” contestants for each of the seven games to compete for sweets, jam sandwiches and, most importantly, team victory!

Gamblin even lost count of the score himself, and the event became more hysterical and the atmosphere more brilliant along with it. One moment, I had to publicly embarrass myself with an improvised Brian Blessed impression in ‘Top Trumps’; the next on the verge of soiling myself with amusement as two contestants tried to place as many pencils into the host’s hair as possible in ‘Buck-ker-plunk’; finally ending with the whole audience utilising their mouths in an attempt to catch some Skittles in ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’.

For a 50-minute event, I’ve never had so much fun. I highly recommend you give these folks a shot – after all, where else can get you a barrel of laughs and degrade yourself in eating flying confectioneries all in the same night? Best not answer that.

Adrian Horan
Adrian was previously a freelance writer for Vision before he went on to become News Editor for two editions. He recently retired from York Vision, having written as Tech Editor for three editions.

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  1. Lewis Dunn
    15 November 2013 - 01:28 BST

    Thanks for the positive review. I would like to add just for the sake of other readers that this was a free event for members and we were not expecting a review at all!

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