Student arrested and “large amount of cannabis” seized in police raid

James College
James College

A first-year student was arrested last weekend, under suspicion of intent to supply Class B narcotics.

Police officers raided a student’s room in James College at 4pm on Saturday, and seized “a large amount of cannabis”.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class B drugs after officers found a large amount of cannabis at a property at the University of York’s James College on 9 May 2015.

“The man has been released on police bail to allow for further enquiries.”

Emergency services were called when porters noticed a “potent cannabis smell in the corridor”, after tending to students needing medical attention in the area.

Police found cannabis after entering the sleeping student’s room.

The student was then arrested and taken to Fulford Road Police Station, where the student stayed overnight.

David Duncan, Registrar & Secretary, said: “A student living in college accommodation was arrested yesterday on a drugs-related charge. He was subsequently released.

“Paramedics were also called to treat two students who became ill after taking non-prescription drugs.

“All students are reminded of the very real dangers of taking illegal drugs.

“The University will not hesitate to apply the full force of its disciplinary regulations against students who bring illegal drugs onto campus. We will also involve the Police where necessary”.

York Vision has contacted the arrested student for comment.

5 thoughts on “Student arrested and “large amount of cannabis” seized in police raid

  1. There was no Police raid and from what I saw it was the security dept whilst treating a student that found all the drugs. Facts wrong again!

  2. “York Vision has contacted the arrested student for comment”

    Is that standard media practice after an arrest? Sounds a little intrusive to me.

    In any case I don’t know what sort of response you’re hoping for.

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