Impending erections

concrete pillarsSocieties are set to have greater opportunities to advertise on campus as Circular Billboards, similar to those seen in Paris and Berlin, are to be introduced in York.

Opportunities for societies to advertise their events and meetings on campus have been severely curtailed since 2011, when postering outside of designated areas was controversially banned.

The new scheme will see a number of Parisian style Circular Columns set up in key footfall areas on campus, creating a space which will allow students and societies to advertise their events and services.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Jane Grenville, who is spearheading the scheme, told Vision; “Although the reasons for banning fly posting on campus are good, and we should stick with the ban, an unintended outcome is that the University looks a bit ‘antiseptic’. Posters liven it up and students like them, even in an electronic age, as a primary form of communication.”

The scheme has received largely positive reaction from societies. Drama Soc’s Press and Publicity Officer, Zoe Biles, was delighted with the development; “I think this scheme sounds fantastic. The idea of having poster billboards is great, as it combines the idea of keeping campus ‘tidy’ with giving ample opportunity for students to advertise their work.”