Hug it out: RAG students spread the love

Students entering the library yesterday afternoon were greeted by an10811677_4860099677219_1020944339_n enthusiastic offer of a free hug.

A team of RAG students were promoting the fact that next Tuesday, the 2nd of Decmeber, is “Giving Tuesday.”

Giving Tuesday is an international event that highlights the importance of the act of giving and encourages people to lend their support to good causes.

Georgia Paton, the YUSU RAG officer said “Giving Tuesday is such an incredible day to show people that charity, RAG and “giving” is so much more than shaking a bucket, it can be giving money, or your time, your blood or even just a hug!”

Rafaela Oplopoiou, the Marketing and PR coordinator for RAG added “this day provides the wonderful opportunity to do something small or big. We need people to realise that giving is not restricted to volunteering for a charity.”

“Everyone, especially on that day, can help, support, and give love to people around them.”

If you missed out on a free hug yesterday don’t despair, as the RAG team will once again be spreading the love on campus next Tuesday.

They will also be giving out sweets, tea and cakes in YourSpace, in addition to a food drive and busking event outside Nisa.