Hosting Halloween


Community, Season 2, Episode 6 ‘Epidemiology’ vs How I Met Your Mother, Season 1, Episode 6 ‘Slutty Pumpkin’

1. Playlist

Community: ABBA’s greatest hits on repeat with Dean Pelton’s voice memos throughout. (WIN)

HIMYM: ‘Danger Zone’ from Top Gun and a barbershop quartet called The Shagarats.

2. Best Costume

Community: Britta never fails to impress in her many brilliant Halloween outfits but she excels herself in this episode with an amazing T-Rex costume. (WIN)

HIMYM: Lily dressed as a parrot (complete with headdress and beak) is a highlight.

3. Best Hook up

Community: Shirley and Chang getting together in the bathroom whilst hiding from their zombie classmates was unexpected but brilliant. (WIN)

HIMYM: Barney’s multiple attempts to hook up with a girl in a Hawaiian costume end dismally.

4. Worst Costume

Community: Jeff wearing a $6000 suit and carrying a football as David Beckham.

HIMYM: Ted wearing his Hanging Chad costume for the fifth year running so that the Slutty Pumpkin, a girl he met once before, might recognise him. (WIN)

5. Venue

Community: Greendale Community College’s library is turned into a ‘li-scary’ for the party, but who really wants to go to a party at their school?

HIMYM: The roof above Ted’s flat and the bar is seen a lot during the show but is still an impressive venue for a party. (WIN)

A close call, but Community just beats How I Met Your Mother to win the title of ‘Best Halloween Party’ (even if no-one can remember what happened).