Hockey: James 6-4 Goodricke

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Photos: Jack Western

Sunday saw the first College Cup game for James and Goodricke, as both were due to play Wentworth who unfortunately could not field a team. It was a game of two halves, yet James came out on top with a 6-4 win.

James dominated the first half and had achieved an impressive 4-0 lead by half time. In the initial passages of play, the Swans took control and as a result of some skilled partner work between Chris Butterworth and Rebecca Jane, the ball was passed to attacker Ashley Collinson, who secured James’ first goal. A forceful tackle from defender Poppy Bullard put James in the position to score again, however some equally strong defending from Goodricke Captain, Sam Kemp, prevented a second goal. Yet the James side were not deterred and, with the help of centre mid Butterworth, Collinson went on to score two more goals.

Goodricke looked like they were in a position to score, when an out of position Butterworth was stopped mid-dribble and the Goodricke attacker had an open goal to shoot at. However, in the heat of the moment some basic hockey rules seemed to go out of the window and the attacker proceeded to shoot from outside the D, which let James off the hook. Butterworth quickly redeemed himself though, with a good hit to forward Collinson who surpassed his hat trick and made it 4-0. After the match, the Swans’ captains, Rory Pond and Joss Winter, congratulated their forward, Ashley Collinson, for his impressive goals.

The ‘Original Charlie’s Angels’, James’ girls’ heavy back line had a cracking first half and managed to keep a clean sheet, despite some excellent hits through the press from Sam Kemp and Dhyan Patel. However, the second half was a bit like the sequel, which received mixed reviews and was not quite as good as the first. Goodricke came back strong in the second half and succeeded in scoring two goals in quick succession. Georgie Cummings, the only girl to score, was perfectly positioned to gain Goodricke’s first goal.

The second half saw James’ defenders Pond, Hutchinson and Arter make some goal saving sweeps off the back line; however Goodricke proved indomitable and some good work in midfield from Patel made it 4-3 within minutes. Goals from both ends made the score 5-4, yet a scrabble in the danger area saw both Butterworth and Charlie Kaner fall into the Goodricke goal, with Butters managing to sweep the ball over the line in the process, ending the game 6-4. The game showed a promising start for both teams. Next week Goodricke 1sts take on Derwent 2nds, and James 2nds play Halifax 1sts, who are currently top of
the table.

Vision’s Man of the Match: Ashley Collinson.

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  1. This doesn’t even make sense, you can’t have a James College match where I am not the MOTM.

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