Harriet Gibson

HarrietGibsonPICName: Harriet Gibson

College: James College

Year: 3

Subject: Language & Literature in Education.

Campaign in three words: Go For Gibson


Hi, I’m Harriet and I’m running to be your Student Activities Officer.

I’ve loved my time in York so far, but I think an absolute ‘highlight’ was spending eight hours in the James College swan costume during RAG parade last year.

After some people noticed steam coming out of the swans eyes and my deteriorating ability to speak I was rapidly stripped and covered in water – leaving me soaking wet in Parliament Square wearing little but furry swan legs.

But hey, we raised the most money so maybe it was all worth it …

What’s the most important part of your manifesto?

I have 3 main goals – giving societies better support, increasing college involvement in Volunteering and RAG, and making Volunteering as high-profile as RAG.

How do you differ from the other candidates?

Because of my experience over the past year as a member of a college committee and my position on the RAG Conference committee, I believe that I can approach the position from a different angle and bring some fresh ideas to the role of Student Activities Officer.

What was your favourite thing the previous officer did and why?

Although it doesn’t sound like that big a thing, I’d have to say it was Anna’s help with face painting on the circus themed first night of James College’s Freshers Week and her enthusiasm that night which helped keep us calm as we rushed about transforming the RKC.

What’s the most important thing about the role you are going for?

Being there to help and support students in whatever activities they want to run and get involved with, especially people on society committees and part-time officers who do so much brilliant work at the same time as working towards a degree.

How are you campaigning?

I plan to talk to as many people as possible to find out what they want from their Student Activities Officer.

What do you like the most about York?

The wide range of things to do. I love that whatever your interests and preferences, there’s something on offer. From the variety of societies, the Volunteering opportunities available and the number of different ways people can get involved in RAG to the diverse range of club nights and events both on- and off-campus, there’s something for everyone.

What’s the best slogan you can think of for your campaign?

Go For Gibson

What do you think about York Vision?

No comment.