Gaming Locations – The Worst Places to Visit

In some instances, our imagination can take us away to warm, safe places; in others, it sadly just fills us with a sense of patriotism and an ‘I’m thankful for what I’ve got’ attitude. Gamers can experience that first hand, thanks to some truly diabolical worlds and cities amongst its many locations- here are the worst places to visit in gaming:

Dishonored – Dunwall


Imagine, if you will, a city dominated by the wealthy elite, infested by rats and corrupt enough to make certain notable 21st century dictators blush. No, we’re not talking about modern day London; we’re of course referring to the steampunk-inspired city of Dunwall from the incredible Dishonored. The city spirals out of control during the events of the game as Corvo Attano, the game’s protagonist, murders, abducts and excommunicates his way to the top. Sadly, depending on how chaotic Corvo’s actions are in the story, the city just goes from bad to worse. We’d hate to live here, but at least it’s not Derwent.

Fallout – Capital Wasteland


Radiation, murderers and mutated creatures are just a few of the horrors the player character encounters in post-apocalyptic Washington DC after a nuclear war has raved the land. The capital wasteland boasts several appealing locations including, but not limited to, a shopping mall turned-slaver encampment, a town with an armed thermonuclear device at its centre and a deceptively idyllic town of closet cannibals. When you put that all together, this title doesn’t make us want to venture across the pond. Then again, if we wanted a taste of America, we’d go to McDonald’s.

Bioshock – ‘North Atlantic Project’


A creation of Andrew Ryan, Rapture is widely regarded as one of the most well realised worlds in gaming. The underwater ‘utopian’ city of Rapture challenges Ayn Rand’s controversial Atlas Shrugged by painting a dystopian alternative to her vision of an ideal capitalist society.  Rapture proves to be a fascinating 1950s time capsule of a Randian society gone wrong. With its grand submerged skyscrapers, it would be a fascinating place to visit if drug fiends, creepy, genetically altered little girls and their lumbering Big Daddies didn’t stalk its halls. Pity.

And there we are – a tourist’s guide for the worst places to visit in gaming. If you want to inject a little sunshine into your life, here are The Best Places to Visit in gaming.