Freshers To Watch: Women’s Rugby


A fresher who has never played rugby before, Megan was noticed at the Women’s Rugby Freshers’ Taster Session for her smile and enthusiasm as well as her speed when she holds the ball. It was impressive to watch and it was a pleasure to see her returning to the sessions. She showed more natural ability with her aggressive tackling, her ability to pick up plays quickly, and also her cheery disposition. In our first win of the season, she stood out for her dedication, intense tackles and speed we saw in training sessions as a winger. It will be very exciting to see where she finds her strengths on the pitch. Will she be a speedy winger, or perhaps a diabolical centre, or will she find her home in the pack, with her ‘Tower of Power’ form and potential in the scrums? Megan’s enthusiasm to try new things will definitely see her skills improve and numbers on the board from her. With more confidence as the season progresses, she will be a game changer.


Another fresher new to rugby, Serena stood out at the Taster Session for her tackling prowess and strength when carrying that oddly shaped ball. She showed even more promise in her first match against Manchester as a strong flanker, who was flexible and keen enough to move around in the scrum and play as an equally strong Number 8. It seems that her natural home is in the back row because of her incredible body folding tackles, her ball carrying abilities and strength as she runs towards an opposing line. She will no doubt be the kind of player who will smash opposition out of the way whether or not she is carrying the ball, and you had better watch out if you’re on the receiving end of one of her smashing tackles! There’s a lot of potential to be had with Serena, as she grows in her knowledge of the game, strength, speed, and confidence. As she picks up the game and rules quickly, she is keen to play many different positions in the pack.


This fresher comes to us a bit different to the others, as she has played rugby since she was four years old… a great addition to the team! This prior knowledge and experience on a pitch can definitely be seen in her smart game play and has been a great asset to the team with her foundations in the game. Whilst her speed would make it look like her home on the pitch would be as a winger, we saw potential in her as a full-back, with her try-saving tackling abilities, her knowledge and great handling skills. With, again, a bit more confidence and maybe some improvements in kicking the ball, she will prove to be a game-changer with a few cheeky kicks here and there. She’s a great player to watch, as whilst she may not be the kind of player stuck in with the rucks and mauls, when she has the ball in her hand after a kick from the opposition, she is definitely one to watch out for and it will be exciting to see what else is to come!


Another fresher who stood out at the Taster Session at the beginning of the year with her amazing foot work, ball carrying and ability to find the gaps and spaces in the defensive line to score some impressive tries (her background in football can definitely be seen here). She’s only just come back to us due to university commitments, but she comes back with power, strength, agility and prowess. When you watch her, you would be surprised to know that she has only played one match with the university and a couple of training sessions! That hasn’t stopped her gelling well with the team, and picking up the rules of the sport very quickly! Her tackles are awe-inspiring as she dives for one, picks herself up and goes for another in quick succession. Her speed is immense and her power is incredible. It’s going to be interesting seeing where she finds her place on the pitch with all these flexible talents, but it’s going to be a journey one does not want to miss!