Derwent 1sts drawn against rivals James


Picture by Daniel Golton

James 1sts will face their Derwent counterparts in the group stage of the College Cup it was announced, as the draw for this year’s College Cup was made.

The full draw for the competition was made by the outgoing YUSU college sports representatives, Dave Washington and Melissa Turner.

This pairing of James and Derwent brings together the top two teams in each of the year’s Revolution Premier Divisions, Derwent being the ultimate victors in both.

Derwent 1sts captain Ryan Gwinnett was philosophical on the draw, commenting: “Well, obviously it’s a tough draw but it will be a good test to play another one of the contenders early on.”

The first set of fixtures is due to take place on Tuesday the 28th of April with Vanbrugh 1sts dealing with a potential slip-up in the form of James 3rds.

Other key fixtures in the first round of games see Langwith and Derwent 2nds reacquainting their rivalry after one season apart from each in the league and, in a repeat of last year, the minnows of Alcuin 3rds taking on the mighty James 1sts.

As well as the main draw, the draw for the newly expanded Vase competition was made.

This year all teams from the Revolution Third Division will go through a group stage, with the top two in each group of six heading through to the quarter-finals against the fifth-placed teams from the main draw.

Intriguing here is the introduction of two “Barbarian” teams constructed from players not able to make their own colleges’ main sides.

Organisers hope these unknown quantities will both encourage participation in the Cup from all ability levels and present a challenge to the established teams in their respective groups.

The full draw:


    • Goodricke 2nds
    • Wentworth 1sts
    • James 3rds
    • Vanbrugh 1sts
    • Derwent 3rds
    • Alcuin 2nds
    • Langwith 2nds
    • Derwent 2nds
    • Halifax 1sts
    • Goodricke 1sts
    • Vanbrugh 3rds
    • Langwith 3rds/Halifax 3rds/Derwent 4ths (TBC)
    • Vanbrugh 2nds
    • James 2nds
    • Derwent 5ths
    • Halifax 4ths
    • Langwith 1sts
    • Alcuin 1sts
    • Wentworth 2nds
    • Halifax 2nds
    • Constantine 1sts
    • Derwent 1sts
    • James 1sts
    • Alcuin 3rds


    • Vanbrugh 4ths
    • Goodricke 3rds
    • Langwith 3rds/Halifax 3rds/Derwent 4ths (TBC)
    • Alcuin 4ths
    • James 5ths
    • Hes-East Barbarians
    • Derwent 6ths
    • Halifax 3rds/Derwent 4ths (TBC)
    • James 4ths
    • Vanbrugh 5ths
    • Langwith 4ths
    • Hes-West Barbarians