College Guide: James

James-1-300x300Minutes away from all the sports facilities, James is often called the sports college. The sheer number of people walking around with duffle bags had even me considering exercise. For those who do more than consider it, James will be a great fit. But I soon realised that James had much more to offer than that.

The Lounge is one of the best on-campus bars, perfect for a relaxed evening with lots of cocktails. The new menu will have you baffled by what to choose, and the bartenders will impress you. The combination of comfortable booths, high tables and pool tables gives many option to the average bar-goer. The Roger Kirk Center you will see a lot of if you’re catered. If you’re not give it a shot. You can get a full meal for 5 quid on a lazy day! The Costa is also a warm presence; it’s location makes it perfect for grabbing a much-needed latte on your way to your lectures.

Most blocks are recently renovated, and you will find everything feeling quite new. In terms of facilities, what I enjoyed most were the quads, where we could gather on a sunny day after lectures, drink a Hooch and play cricket.

The events organised I have to admit were the biggest surprise. Not knowing what to expect, I was taken aback by Freshers’ week and the sequels that followed. The more honest truth would be that I don’t remember much of Freshers’ but I do know that I was walking around singing and smiling most of the time. I can’t help but blame this on the college, which provided me with ample music and alcohol to get me elated.

As a friend of mine (not from James) put it at the end of the year, “James may seem flat or boring at first, but its easy-going feel will take you to exciting places.”