College Guide: Halifax


Halifax- the place where bigger is better (apparently).

Established: 2003

College Provost: Dr Oleg Lisagor

College President: Loussin-Torah Pilikian

Main Events: Spring Formal – Masquerade ball

Halifax College is the largest of the nine, and caters especially towards post grads and family students. However as one of the largest colleges, Halifax uses its great capacity and community spirit to make sure everyone has a good time.

The college is relatively new and holds a huge Freshers week, along with a number of other on campus events throughout the year such as the famous Masquerade ball.

It advertises itself with the miniature NISA on site, location next to 22 acres for all sport, and the infamous JJ’s, a once bar turned into common room for kids which features ping pong and pool tables, I know right, such crazy fun to be had, however does feature a huge field and play park behind Wood Court for those with a childish nature.

Due to the house-like college, which is split into a number of smaller courts, it is great for house parties, however harder to meet people as you may only see your neighbours through their kitchen window. On the week of Freshers I recommend holding a massive house party at pre-drinks for people to recognize your house as the ‘cool’ one, as an instant way of attempting to make friends in Halifax. However it also holds a number of alternative campus events during Freshers to make sure everyone is involved in the huge spirit of the courts.

It is renowned as the college furthest away due to the short ten-minute walk to get to uni. This walk is the reason many Freshers feel they do at least a small amount of exercise a week and is actually quite a good way to wake you up before a lecture with a hangover. It also takes you right past 22 acres, where you can see all of the incredibly fit ultimate Frisbee players (catch the sarcasm).

The chant that Halifaxers will often hear on nights out is the ‘you got through on clearing’ song, which is due to the fact that Halifax is usually the last choice for students, even though the accommodation is all relatively new, clean, and features lots of car parks which is great for those who drive.

The village of Heslington lies just behind the courts and features the legendary Browns sandwich shop, along with a post office, banks and a couple of pubs. It also has the Charles, a cheap pub where you can spend nights grabbing a burger and a beer for a fiver with the legendary Charles card, extremely studenty, but always guaranteed you’ll find people you know up for a laugh, especially when you can’t be bothered to cook.

Overall Halifax maybe furthest away from campus however is not forgotten, with its might of students and sporty, adventurous nature, it is a guaranteed great place to live, for those who like the quiet life of the country or the upbeat nature of a party community.

3 thoughts on “College Guide: Halifax

  1. This is poorly written and simply incorrect. As a fellow halifax student why on earth would you write something this pathetic… You will hear that Halifax is the best college and that no one regrets going here. We had the best freshers week out of all the colleges – I can’t even continue…This is so embarrassing. You are a student newspaper you should be promoting the uni.

  2. @disappointed with your lack of writing skills

    I’ve read this article, it didn’t take very long it’s not exactly the iliad, and I fail to see what you’ve gotten your erstwhile panties in such a bunch over. All it really states are well known and established tropes about Halifax in neutral terms, and plenty of positive points about the college to boot!

    In fact I would say the whole point of the article is debunking some of the myths about Halifax, the author seems to have been pretty happy with her time there from my reading of it.

    Also how do you know Halifax had the best freshers week of all the colleges? Did you go on them all? Are you a citizen of eight colleges? I’m assuming you hold some minor position on the Halifax JCR, am I close to the mark?

    Why you feel the need to be such an obnoxious tosser to this poor girl is beyond me, at least she actually had the guts to put her name to something.

    Or did your mother christen you disappointed with your lack of writing skills? In which case you should consider deed poll, I hear it’s quite a simple process these days.

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