College Chair Interview: James


Gareth Dybiec

1. Location?

In my opinion, James stands out from the other Colleges for many reason. James offers various types of rooms, meaning that we can accommodate to a larger range of people resulting in a more diverse group of students. When walking into James you immediately sense the brightness and community spirit that shines throughout. The College also offers two catering facilities, a modern cocktail bar, three study areas, two common rooms and a cash machine. In addition, James has a nice centred feel to it resulting in only a five minute walk to market square and the Library. Although this may not seem like the most glamourous attraction to incoming students, these facilities will become soon become gold dust.

2. Why did you choose this college?

I choose James because it thought it looked like the best college that I saw on open days. Plus when looking online I though their rooms were a great value for money.

3. Distinguishing features Best thing? And worst?

I cannot believe that this time last year I was in exactly the same positions as the incoming students are in now with feeling excited, nervous and a whole other rollercoaster of emotions. But once I had secured my place in James, I knew that I could not wait to move in and get started.
I believe that there are three great things that makes James stand out which is its diversity, opportunities and honesty. Although I know that the JCRC are doing a fantastic job, we come and go each year. But through all of those changes remains the heart of the College, the college team. I know we have the best team as they work hard to ensure the students are getting the safest and best student experience as possible. To answer your question on what is the worst part of the College, well that will be when the current team is no longer there.

4. Why do you love being College chair/president?

The never ending challenges, excitement, opportunities and just pure randomness of the positions. As I am sure my fellow Chairs and Presidents would agree with me, this role forces you to constantly reflect on your decisions and highlights your strengths and weakness. Knowing the current Chairs like I do, I know we all face the same obstacles and yet we all overcome them. In a nut shell, if you are willing to let it, it makes you a stronger and more professional person.

5. Best college memory?

Our summer event, Quad Dash and Bash. It was great seeing all of the JCRC hard work throughout the year pay off by seeing the students having a great time with a strong community spirit.

6. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

What I would have liked to known as a fresher arriving is that it is okay and completely normal for students to struggle when the first arrive. I would like to highlight that if you do find yourself struggling when you arrive, then do not feel like you are alone and please talk to a college member who can try and help or direct you to someone who can.

7. Why should fresher’s choose your college.

Because it offers everything.