College Chair Interview: Goodricke


Tara Annison

1. Location?

Goodricke is ideally located on the beautiful Hes East, we conquered it first and now the other colleges are flocking over! We’d got the 44 bus service which tries to be every 7-8 minutes, the lovely scenic yellow brick road which gets you to main campus in about 10 minutes and a bus which takes you to and from Morrisons! It’s if you’re sporty as the new bike track is minutes away, the York Sports Centre is just down the road and there’s plenty of places to go for a run! We have our own mini lake by the Ron Cooke Hub so it has all the best features of main campus but with much much nicer accommodation.

2. Why did you choose this college?

I chose Goodricke because it’s green in name and nature, it’s on a beautiful campus and the accommodation is amazing! The flats typically have 12 people in and kitchens big enough for parties with 40 (tried and tested!). We have the nucleus where our not one but two common rooms are, where we have a ping pong table, pianos and pool tables! So after a night out you can grab a CU toastie, watch a movie on the giant projector or just sleep on one of the many comfy sofas if you’ve lost your key card! The simple fact is that it’s a lovely place to live and the best place if you want a big social environment.

3. Distinguishing features

Goodricke wouldn’t be Goodricke without the yellow brick road connecting the two campuses and our ‘Smiley Face’ benches by Janet Baker which is the home of winter BBQs, sunbathing in the summer and the heart of our massive festival GoodFest! We’ve had everything from paint twister, a visit from some hearing dogs, shisha lounge and parties in it. We’ve also got the Ron Cooke Hub, study space, cafe, place to grab your post and general everything building! It’s also where you go if like some people you lock yourself out your room 56 times in first year! (Hannah!!) And of course don’t forget we share the Glasshouse with our neighbours Langwith so whether it’s a quiet drink or a full on club night, we’ve got it covered!

4. Best thing?

People often say that Goodricke seems really quiet and it is … on the outside! The accommodation and nucleus is so nice that we party inside and they are damn good. From the full on raves in the nucleus featuring on campus DJ Sickolas Chu to quieter kitchen parties, the social scene in Goodricke is anything but quiet … but if you walked past you might never know!

5. And worst?

Sooooo many geese!! The yellow brick road is covered with them and sometimes it’s a full on Gandalf moment of ‘You shall not pass!’

6. College member most likely to say?

“Kitchen party?”

7. College member least likely to say?

I’m so glad that the hub is so well stocked with everything I need.

8. Why do you love being College chair/president?

It’s the perfect opportunity to get involved with every aspect of the college from welfare to events and from the more admin side to the day to day meeting people. It’s allowed me to help organise things like GoodFest 2014 which was amazing and also plan fabulous events like Freshers! As cheesy as it is I’ve also met some amazing people, I can’t speak highly enough of the 45 people on the Goodricke JCRC who have done an amazing job of making the Goodricke experience so fantastic. We’re a very eclectic bunch and I think that beautifully represent Goodricke. We don’t just have one type of person we have people from every walk of life and from a range of countries all around the world and that for me is why I love Goodricke!

9. Best college memory?

When Coasts played their last song, Oceans, at GoodFest and I looked around and saw the hundreds of people there enjoying themselves and the committee around who had helped make it happen – I get a bit nostalgic whenever the song is played on the radio now!

10. What you wish you’d known as a fresher?

One practical piece of advise is to print off your lecture notes!! Especially if you’re a maths student – I can’t even explain how much easier it made everything!

11. Why should freshers choose your college.

If I haven’t convinced you by now and you need any more reason then just look on our fresher’s site and you’ll see that Goodricke really is the best. If you want amazing accommodation, the BEST events on campus and a community feeling then come over to Goodricke!