Blind Date



What do you look for in a guy?
Nothing in particular, I don’t have a ‘type’ that I would always go for. As long as they’re funny and fun to be with!
What was the first thing you noticed?
His ring on his right hand ( his ex gave it to him but he can’t get it off now)
What did you have to eat and would you go to the Rose&Crown again?
I had macaroni and cheese with ham hock. I would recommend it, it was a nice pub and a good place for drinks with friends.
What did you talk about?
All sorts – subjects, freshers, families, our pet hamsters, the schools we were at before uni (we are both in first year),
Was he a gentleman?
Yes he was, even walked me home.
If you met him in Willow would you go home with him?
No, I’m not that type of girl. For the ideal second date I’d like to go clay pigeon shooting or for another meal. I’ll probably see him on campus again at some point anyway as we are both in Derwent together and in first year!
Marks out of 10?
Definitely 7, it was a really good evening




Are you looking for anything serious?

No not at the moment, the date was really fun but I just don’t think I would have time for a relationship

How did she look?
Really nice, not too casual, not too dressed up, I was impressed.
What was the funniest thing she said?
Talking about her antics in school was pretty funny, hearing about all the rude things she said to teachers made me laugh!
What did you have to eat?
I had Chinese noodles with chicken (although it was more like really thick spaghetti), was nice though.
Did you end on a hug, a kiss or more?
We hugged in the rain-it was so romantic haha!
Where would you take her for a second date?
That is a very tricky question, we have already been for a meal, and the cinema is a bit cliché, I would want to do something fun, so I think I would take her to a cake decorating class…
Marks out of ten?
A solid 7.5



Although Verity and Vincente had a wonderful time and their alliterative names suggested chemistry, there was sadly no spark and after some rudeness from one side, the other gave up. They have been relegated to their separate boudoirs and have not spoken since.

Blind Date was kindly sponsored by The Rose & Crown, Lawrence Street. We also recommend the cocktails and the pies in this cosy setting not far from campus or town.