Album Review: Flyying Colours – Flyying Colours EP

Short and sweet and full of shoegaze nostalgia is the best way to describe Australian band Flyying Colours eponymous EP.

It’s clear straight away that Flyying Colours are more than confident in their ability and from what has been said they are amazing live as well.

‘Like You Said’ is a bit of a belter with harsher guitars and a slower stronger rhythm but this quickly transitions into a more ‘dreamy’ second track ‘Wavy Gravy’, the single from the EP, which benefits from nice little key distortions and the blending in of female vocals that strongly reminds me of My Bloody Valentine. Track 3, ‘She Leaves’ builds on the previous song but emphasises the bass line, and adding more melody to the lead guitar. These two tracks could almost be one track if you listen all the way through.

Moving into the last part of the album, there is a clean break between tracks 3 and 4, ‘Feathers’ and the sound shifts towards more melody again giving more emphasis on vocals rather than sonic texture from the guitars earlier on. The final track compliments the opening track very nicely moving back to a slower, stronger rhythm, giving the whole EP a nice way to tidy up and making it feel like more a cycle than leaving it open ended.

Flyying Colours have tapped into the love of classic shoegaze and put it to good use on this EP. There is little wrong to say about this other than maybe the vocals are a little lost in the mix on ‘Wavy Gravy’ but then at the same time it still fits into the texture that is built up on the EP as a whole.