Students to vote for Lib Dems, survey claims

nick_cleggStudents at the University will predominantly vote for the Lib Dems in 2015, Vision can reveal, after a poll showed that 35 per cent of students will vote for Nick Clegg’s party.

Despite having one of the largest Conservative societies in the UK, only 13 per cent said that they would vote for the Conservatives, and 4 per cent said that they would vote for UKIP.

Left-wing parties had more votes than right-wing parties, with 14 per cent saying they would vote Green whilst 24 per cent said that they would vote Labour.

This comes as a surprise to some, after students from the University of York joined the TUC in a demonstration against the Lib Dem conference last June.

Megan Ollerhead, ex-chair of the University of York Socialist Society said: “The fact that just over a third of students would vote Lib Dem is worrying and points to either a collective false consciousness about how bad they really are, or a lot of young people with very short memories.”

Leon Morris
Leon was previously the Editor-in-Chief 2014, having also previously worked as News Editor and Managing Director for 2013-14. His debut was as Satire Editor. He is now currently serving as Webmaster.


  1. Richard
    29 April 2014 - 11:13 GMT

    Or of course it could show students have a sense of humour and don’t like being asked silly questions?

  2. 29 April 2014 - 11:27 GMT

    Who conducted the poll and how was it conducted? Was it carefully weighted; how were the people selected for interview? It flies into the face of all polls on student voting conducted by reputable polling firms.

  3. James Pipes
    29 April 2014 - 11:39 GMT

    I doubt ‘young perople’s’ memories are any shorter than the millions who instantly forgot how badly Labour destroyed the UK’s economy and returned to supporting them post-2010.

  4. 29 April 2014 - 11:53 GMT

    LibDems are stupid fucks and Nick Clegg is a fucking idiot!

  5. Everyone
    29 April 2014 - 12:20 GMT

    what a load of bull

  6. Guy Falkenau
    29 April 2014 - 12:26 GMT

    Suggests they see the Lib Dems as a way of registering an anti UKIP vote.

  7. Megan
    29 April 2014 - 13:30 GMT

    I fear that comment didn’t quite patronise you all enough, If anyone else wants anymore political advice i can give it to them in small words or by a join the dots type exercise that your small brains can handle

  8. David
    29 April 2014 - 14:08 GMT

    How many students were surveyed? This should be clearly expressed.

  9. iDarka
    29 April 2014 - 15:04 GMT

    Lib Dems like any other party has got good and bad. They accept their mistakes that is the main point. Conservatives too rich, labors too old, UKIP is ….. clowns. I agree that Lib Dems should be given a chance to govern on their own.

  10. iDarka
    29 April 2014 - 15:06 GMT

    One more thing about students…. They are the future, so if some d…head classes student as a piece of s..t they should think again. That is why i hate conservatives

  11. iDarka
    29 April 2014 - 15:13 GMT

    UKIP is out of touch if they think they can achieve something. I hate lies. UKIP is full of it. They will never achieve what they claim to achieve. Wake up people. It is 21 century. We need good management, but not radicals who will take country back to 1960. It is past and all we can do is look to the future. Young people, students and ext is the future. Good management in government and local authorities – that is all we need. It is sad then i hear UKIP abusing simple, fundamental principles. I cannot understand who UKIP gain so much. They are bloody clowns. Conservatives are too rich too understand and labors done some nasty things in the past. That is why we have Lib Dems.

  12. Sherlock
    30 April 2014 - 22:26 GMT

    The socialist comment is so out of touch it is hilarious.

    Good on the Lib Dems I say.

  13. 30 April 2014 - 23:41 GMT

    Lib dems = the only left wing alternative to the tories that isn’t nationalist, socialist, populist or basically tory

  14. Tom
    01 May 2014 - 13:48 GMT

    I think when people feel the need to stoop to using insults when it comes to politics any argument loses much of its substance.

    Lib Dem is the most pro-europe vote that could be made which could be a justification for many. Equally it’s a less authoritarian party than all bar perhaps the greens.

    Just because they couldn’t deliver on promises as the vastly smaller part of a coalition doesn’t really mean they have broken them in my mind. They got the income tax threshold raised to 10 grand which is an amazing thing just on its own.

  15. Nick Clegg
    03 May 2014 - 17:54 GMT

    Pay for your own damned education!

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