Review: Norman Rea – Possible Outcomes

The Norman’s Rea’s most recent offering “Possible Outcomes”, from Slade School educated and London born artist Laura Elias, is a very promising affair. The exhibition seeks to explore themes of colour, space and perception. It takes place in the far off land of Hes East’s Ron Cooke Hub, forgoing its usual haunt above the Courtyard. Is it worth the trek?

The artist offers a rather minimalist selection of paintings in additional to larger wall installations. Painting such as “Swoosh” and “Wave” seem simplistic on first glance, but show great depth and maturity on further inspections; carefully mixing colours to blend perceptions of space and distance, and showing the artistic potential of colour to be expressive and evocative in it’s own right. Conceptually unified, it explores themes of natural world and there is a strong nautical current throughout. The art interacts with the room itself, challenging its angles and contours and using colour to redefine it’s space.

The DJ, Kineza, provides a combination of electronica and hip hop that creates a wonderfully cosmopolitan vibe for the night. She displayed interesting song choices, becoming progressively more urban as the night moved on.

Perhaps most importantly for the many, the free wine seemed to have been curtailed at three glasses each. All things in moderation, but I believe it is an important detail to note, for the less artistically inclined among us.

It was an undoubtedly enjoyable, but perhaps rather slight evening. I would employ anyone with an interest in art to attend. It stays open until next until January 31st.

Will McCurdy
Will McCurdy is currently Managing Director of York Vision. He has previously served as Music Editor, Stage editor and Deputy Comment.