Bin Up To No Good: Student dressed in bin bag runs riot around campus

Quite the bincident.
Quite the bincident.

Campus security were caught up in a wild goose chase around main campus yesterday evening after a drunken student in bin bag attire posed a risk to his own safety.

The “extremely inebriated” Goodricke student reportedly ran away from campus security whenever he saw them.

This led to a search for the student, dressed in a bin bag with the words “BIN MAN” emblazoned across his chest.

He might have done better to shell out a little more on his costume than on booze.

Security were concerned for the student’s safety as his state put him in danger of being knocked-down in the road.

The student was later picked up on University Road at 11:10 and brought back to Goodricke College where he was handed over to the Welfare Team.

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  1. Gary
    21 November 2014 - 19:20 GMT

    Come forward Tom Jourdan… Own up buddy


  2. Gary
    21 November 2014 - 19:25 GMT

    Hahaha jokes

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