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Roses women’s rugby: York 7-60 Lancaster

York's Amy Leech and Lancaster's Alex Simpson

The women’s rugby team were thoroughly outclassed by their counterparts, but in truth it was largely down to the exploits of Lancaster’s centre Alex Simpson, who scored seven of their ten tries.

Injured fly half Lucy Davies told Vision before the game that “man for man, York are more skilful overall, but Lancaster are more aggressive. If we can keep the high intensity and belief, we should win.”

Her prediction was wide of the mark, but York undeniably played with incredible heart. They succumbed to a stunning individual performance by Alex Simpson, the Lancaster centre who was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.

If she got the ball, she invariably scored, and that was demonstrated as early as the 7th minute, when she picked the ball up from the turnover, went round the outside of the flailing York defence to touch down in the corner.

That score was unconverted, but her next two tries in quick succession were both underneath the posts. Both times Simpson beat a couple of opponents, her pace and trickery just bamboozling York. The Lancaster scrum half converted both to make the score 19-0 as the first half wore on.

York then came back into the game slightly, breaking up more attacks. They had no real attacking impetus of their own with the exception of Katie Kamp, who tried her best to drive at the Lancaster defence.

Simpson however scored another try, this time intercepting the York back line as they tried to build an attack. That was converted, and straight from the restart, she collected the ball and ran through the entire York team to score yet again. With the score at 33-0, the York contingent could not believe their eyes.

The ball did not really make it into York’s 22 the entire half, and York went into the break having conceded another try, as the Lancaster prop drove over in the corner. It was unconverted, making it 38-0 to the white rose at the interval.

5 mins into the second half, there was a massive delay due to a neck injury to a Lancaster player. A helicopter came but in the end was not used, an ambulance taking her to hospital. Lancaster then scored another unconverted try on the wing, through who else but Simpson again.

York then had a spell of possession in the opposition 22, a clever little tap and go from captain and scrum half Emma Nugent. However, Lancaster’s number 7 intercepted and ran the length of the pitch to score, making it 48-0.

Lancaster scored two more tries, one via Simpson, to make it 60-0. Yet there was some valiant last ditch pressure from York in search of consolation try, and they finally found it through Emma Nugent, driving home from the scrum. It was converted, prompting wild York celebrations, to make the final score 7-60.

It was a whitewash but Davies commented that the score line did not reflect the performance, and the heart York showed was evident from start to finish against one match-winning player.

Emma Nugent said after that “the majority of us are third years and it is really good to be part of UYWRC at our last Roses. We tried our hardest despite the score line. We play as a team not as an individual.”


  • Broken 7 says:

    Why did you start bitching on the article anyway? we didn’t write it!
    Bitch on the newspaper (sorry vision) not the players.
    Don’t know if clem gave the message but lancaster 9 wanted to thankyou for the banter, i chat shit on the pitch but i always like to shake hands after but with my broken leg i couldn’t. Also to the girl who tackled me then offered to help me up after you are far too sweet to be playing rugby! Thankyou for the game, i really enjoyed it even though i am writing this in plaster (6 years of rugby and this is my first broken bone).
    Honestly did we not play clean? one thing i like to always be able to say is if we loose we loose with a smile and fairly. thats the spirit of the UYWRUFC family :D

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  • Nobodycares says:

    Nobody cares, it is only womens rugby…

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  • Agreed says:

    Nicely put Broken. As a member of Lancaster women’s rugby I thought it was a very enjoyable game and that you showed great sportsmanship and determination. I’m sure we are all just thinking Bring On Next Year for another epic battle! And to nobody cares after the amount of time and effort both sides put into training, we certainly do care, we play because we LOVE RUGBY!

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  • Roses 2012 says:

    Broken 7- hope you’re leg is okay and that you’ll be back to playing rugby soon!
    Well done to everyone for an amazing game, I’m a third year too and emotions really do run high! There’s always going to be banter- it’s all part of the fun but I think there is underlying respect from each team. It’s a hard game and everyone that plays puts there all into it. Although it was funny when your prop said we wouldn’t be chanting when you won the line out then we won it!
    Hope you have success next season too and I look forward to watching from the sidelines next year!

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  • Lancaster says:

    York will always and forever be our biggest rivals and therefore present us with the most difficult game of our season. I think both teams played from the heart and with epic team spirit, banter after the match is always anticipated given both teams push it as hard as they can for this match! Sterling effort on both parts, just remember girls pinching and studs in the rucks aren’t what the game is about! bring on the competition next year, I look forward to watching from the sideline and not waking up aching everywhere the day after, except the head maybe!

    Brilliant way to end three years with LUWRUFC, thanks again York, bring the same fight and determination next year :)

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  • final word? says:

    I think we can all agree that neither LUWRUFC or UYWRUFC agree with the wording of the article and that when it comes topost match quotes things get misconstrued or said in the heat of the moment.

    In the end we all shook hands and seemingly agree that this article is kinda bunk…We look forward to playing York next year and had good fun and banter this time round.

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