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YUSU Election Result Night 2011- As it happened

Good evening and welcome to York Vision’s liveblog of the 2011 YUSU Elections Results Night.

Exit polls have predicted a win for the ex-Halifax JCRC Chair Lydia Blundell in tonight’s presidential race, whilst the outcome of other positions is set to be tight, with only 1% expected between the Academic Affairs candidates. Nonetheless, in the past exit polls have proved misleading, and the actual outcome is very much still up in the air.

Vision will be bringing you the results as they happen tonight live from L/N/028 and the Courtyard. If you hear any gossip or just want to say hi – come up to us in the main room! We’re in front of the piano…

Reporting tonight will be Adam Coe, Daniel Goddard, Megan Graham, Milana Knezevic, Maddy Potts, Katy Roberts, Will Thorman, Paul Virides with photos by Ruth Gibson and Oliver Todd.


Well that’s a wrap everyone, you’re new YUSU Sabbatical officers for next year are:

President- Tim Ellis
York Sport President- Sam Asfahani
Student Activities- James Croydon
Academic Affairs- Graeme Osborn
Welfare- Robert Hughes

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the live blog. It was a fitting end that the closest position out of them all was President, with Tim only overtaking Lydia by 14 votes in the final round. I’m not confident I fully understand STV yet but what I do know is it certainly makes the night a lot more exciting.


Vision has just spoken to Tim Ellis, who seemed thoroughly flabberghasted,telling us, “I need to go phone my mum!”
He acknowledged how ridiculously close the contest was (he won by just 14 votes in the end) saying that he was just relieved that he didn’t embarrass himself by not getting any votes.

Ellis told Vision that he’s excited to work with the new “fantastic” team, and hopes that Sam’s year of experience will help them to settle in. He wants to make sure that all Sabbs and officers are on the same wavelength by the time he comes to office, and particularly wishes to avoid a repeat of last year’s Big Bang fiasco. He promises that the next intake of freshers won’t pay for tickets and miss the main attraction.

We also checked that Tim would be willing to look after friend and supporter (and fellow Goodricke-er) Nacho, who has said he’s get very drunk to celebrate Tim’s victory. Ellis told us that welfare as at his heart, and he would carry Nacho home if necessary. So far so good Tim, we only hope you remain this generous with your time!


Charlie Rowley has spoken to Vision following his defeat in the YUSU elections for President. Rowley commented “It’s been an emotional year, we’ve achieved a lot. It’s a shame it’s the end of the road but in all honesty I saw it coming, but the reality hits you hard.”
He continued: ” I’m pleased for Tim, he know the issues and I support him all the way!”


Sources close to Tim (Tom McDermott) say he is “ecstatic.” He went on, “I knew from the very beginning that he was a statesman. Destined to lead the students of this humble town, to greater and better things. He has had greatness thrust upon him. No, he is greatness itself.”

Disclaimer: Tom is quite drunk.


Here he is, your new President, Tim Ellis:
Photo: Oliver Todd


Lydia Blundell told Vision that she was disappointed, but sends her congratulations to Tim.


Looks like Nacho is getting drunk tonight…


In his acceptance speech Ellis said “I knew it would be a close-run thing.” He thanked all his voters and his girl friend, before saying “I hope I make you all proud. Thank you!”


Presidential Results:

No one reaches the quota…

Aaron Rolph’s votes are eliminated…

STILL no one meets the quota…

Charlie Rowley is eliminated…

1123 votes for Lydia Blundell
1137 votes for Tim Ellis




Charlie Rowley in tears already…
Photo: Oliver Todd


URY are discussing whether or not STV would be used WITH a RON option in the general elections. YSTVs coverage looks like a brilliant reenactment of eastern bloc news reporting.


They’re playing The Final Countdown.

We see what they did there. Good one, Ngwena.


It’s the final countdown…


Vision are predicting a close-run race for the four Presidential candidates, Lydia Blundell, Charlie Rowley, Aaron Rolph and Tim Ellis.


The Presidential results are coming up any minute now…


Ex-Vision Ed Tom McDermott says that Presidential candidate Tim Ellis is feeling “constipated.”


Graeme Osborn is dreaming big. He told a Vision reporter that his first act as Academic Affairs Officer when he comes to the role in summer will be to “tidy the desk.” Keep reaching for the stars, Graeme.


The Tipster has told us that he would place his chips on Lydia Blundell to win the presidential race. “Perhaps Rowley’s popularity has been overstated,” he told Vision. “It will be a close call … *indistinct* … Not now Giselle… Sorry, what was I saying? Yes, Blundell to win.”


We spoke to Arthur Pitt, who lost out on the role of Student Activities Officer to James Croydon. He told our reporter he was “gutted” to have lost. “It came down to the wire,” he went on, “maybe I could have tried harder… Of course James will do a good job though.” stoic words there from a candidate clearly disappointed to have lost by such a close margin.




The Tipster says he will tear himself away from Natalie and Giselle to make a prediction on the Presidential Race. Coming soon…


Alastair Logan, who narrowly missed out on the Academic Affairs Officer role, appears absolutely gutted. We hope to get a chance to speak to him soon.


Academic Affairs Officer-elect: Graeme Osborne
Photo: Ruth Gibson


In his acceptance speech Osborn thanked his competitor Logan for being a “friendly, strong competitor.” He went on to thank those who helped with his campaign and those who voted for him.


Academic  Affairs Officer

After RON is eliminated…

957 votes for Logan

993 votes for Osborn

The new Academic Affair Officer-elect is GRAEME OSBORN


Next up is Academic Affairs Officer, and with the exit polls recording a 1% difference between the candidates, it’s anyone’s game!


We feel your pain Arthur…
Photo: Oliver Todd


Arthur Pitt doesn’t want to give a quote just yet, he seems pretty gutted. The Vision team sends you lots of YUM love!


Ex-Vision editor Tom McDermott told our reporter, when asked if he’d seen Arthur Pitt, “I don’t associate myself with losers.” He was joking. We think.


Student Activities Officer-elect James Croydon celebrating with friends:
Photo: Oliver Todd


Results for Student Activities:
After eliminating Ron and James Anderson’s votes the new officer is…

JAMES CROYDON! Who edged ahead with 980 votes!


Daniel Goddard analysis: “This is gonna be close”. You heard it here first.


The Tipster (again via satellite from Dubai) says he “objects to this music”. Sort it out Ngwena.


Jason Rose is looking nervous and excited.


Bob Hughes said to Vision that he felt jubliant. “I’m so thankful to everyone – even the ones who’ve just kept me going!” he said. “I’m an absolute wreck.”

Fighting back the tears, he promised Vision that he wanted to make sure this wasn’t in vain, “I hope I’ve been voted in a mandate! I promise to deliver!” He wants to keep the policies, which differed from Laura’s, strong throughout his time in office, promising that he would do his utmost to get things done.


As it heats up in the media hub next door with the all-important Sabb positions in the lineup, the relative media moguls show Vision that the lovey atmosphere is mutual:

Steven Perring, Station Manager YSTV: “working with URY has made the coverage here doubly good”

Darren Webb, URY Station Manager: “collaboration with YSTV is only the best thing for student media broadcast”


Goodricke Chair Nacho just told us that if Tim Ellis wins the Presidential race, he’s going to get absolutely smashed tonight. We should mention that Nacho has never drunk before. This could get messy.


Newly elected Racial Equality Officer Basim is shaking that thing on the dance floor. Nobody puts baby in the corner and all that jazz.


Welfare Officer-elect Robert Hughes:
Photo: Oliver Todd


Student Activites is the next result coming up. It has three candidates in the running, Arthur Pitt, James Croydon and James Anderson. Pitt topped the exit polls (which have been accurate so far) but how will the results go…?


Laura Bo told Vision “we were both good candidates but Rob ran a great campaign”, When asked whether she thought he would do a good job she answered “Of course, you prove yourself during the campaign”


An emotional Hughes thanked everyone who voted and those who helped him campaign in his acceptance speech, though was hard to hear over the applause!


It’s time for the welfare results!
Bob Hughes is running against incumbent Laura Borisovaite

1073 votes for Hughes
927 votes for Borisovaite

BOB HUGHES is your new welfare officer for 2011-2012


We asked the Tipster for his thoughts on the welfare race. “It’s too close to call,” he told our reporter (via satellite phone from his residence in Dubai). “But a real man makes his own welfare.”


Latest music update:
Some Black Eyed Peas being played now.

“I’ve got a feeling… that tonight’s going to be a long night,” we sing wittily at the Vision desk.

We’ve just had a bit of Rihanna, during which we changed “Ooh na na, what’s my name?” to “Milana, where’s your craic?”


The Yorker doing their thang.
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Asfahani told Vision that he considered running for president, and in fact several people encouraged him to. “I considered it,” he told our reporter, “but ultimately I wanted to do something I really enjoy.”


Our sources tell us the Yorker are commenting on their own blog. Awkward…


Lemon Press have asked us for a “funny quote.” This is the pressure of media!


Jake Farrell is presenting on YSTV. He’s looking sad. :(


Laura Borisovaite, the incumbent Welfare Officer who is re-running has noted that she feels “great!” She doesn’t want to comment on the tradition for incumbents always being re-elected at York, but did want to emphasise that both she and Bob are “both good candidates.”

Well the result will be coming soon, and Vision will keep you informed!


Our reporters told Sam that one of our deputy eds thinks he’s got a sexy voice. His response? “Ooooh, which one?”


Vision’s deputy eds Katy and Maddy are very excited by Sam’s victory…


Outgoing Student Activities Officer Nick Scarlett is dancing on stage to Fix Up, Look Sharp.

Looking sharp, Scarlett. Looking real sharp.


Newly re-elected York Sport President: Sam Asfahani
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Asfahani – “Paul Guest is my life partner.”
York Sport love-in.


Ben McGladdery has spoken to Vision, saying that “taking on the incumbent is always going to be difficult but I’m proud of what I did do. I’m glad to take that f*cking Scooby Doo costume off!”


Second Gaga of the night. Getting quite rowdy over at the Vision table.


Asfahani said “thank you very much to everyone who voted. I really struggled to juggle the job with the campaign, so thank you very much to the campaign team!”
The York Sport campaign has also received the most votes of all the positions in this year’s elections.


Aaaand now, the first Sabbatical officer result of the evening: York Sport President.
Fighting it out are incumbent Sam Asfahani and Badminton President Ben McGladdery.
This year has seen the highest quota ever for votes in the YS race!
The results are…

1717 votes for Asfahani
828 votes for McGladdery

SAM ASFAHANI is next year’s York Sport President!


Vision Editor Milana Knezevic has had one snakebite and is all over the place.


Goodricke Chair Nacho Hernando told Vision he hopes the best candidates win. A very diplomatic response. Where’s all the bitching?


Aaron Rolph – “Anticipation”

Ollie Hutchings – “Shambles”

Camilla Apcar – “Bonkers”

I’m sure I just saw Camilla take part in a dirty dancing lift with somebody! Brave girl.


There’s a bit of argument between the New Ents Reps Chris and Ozzy over who they’d have if there could attract anyone dead or alive to York.

Chris: Elvis

Ozzy: Bloc Party

Vision poll?


Outgoing ents officer Tony Richards told Vision he’s happy for the successful candidates, he thinks they have some really good policies and isn’t worried because they have “more experience than I had when I started the role.”


Matthew Freckelton gave us “Hello”

Chris Etheridge gave us “Promises” (interesting…)

Arthur Pitt’s one word quote was Utopia.

Jaime Riley said “Excited” Nobody is surprised that the only sensible answer comes from a Visioner!


Campaigns Officer-elect: Andreas Gabrielsen
Photo: Ollie Todd


We asked for one word quotes from Sam and Ben. We got “pie” and “wheelbarrow” respectively.



Disability Officer-elect: Liam Haakon Smith
Photo: Ruth Gibson


The Tipster has just dropped by to give his two cents (not that the Tipster carries money, who do you think he is?). “I’d be very surprised if Sam loses,” he told Vision. “With a strong campaign, a year of successful policy, and facial hair that a forest-dwelling hermit would be proud of, he’s a shoe-in.”

So there you have it, straight from The Tipster’s mouth. He’s off now, things to do, people to see…


Ents Officers-elect: Chris Edwards and Ozge Bektagslu
Photo: Ollie Todd


York Sport is coming..!


Campaigns now, uncontested with Andreas Gabrielsen. 1575 votes cast.

Of course, Andreas wins, with 1348 votes.


Disability Officer up now. There are 1453 votes, with a quota of 727.

Liam Haakon Smith is uncontested, and wins with 1231 votes!


Ents Officer, also uncontested, has received 1,280 votes for Chris Edwards and Ozge Bektasoglu. “Thanks to everyone who voted,” Edwards said in his acceptance speech, while Bektasoglu thanked all those who helped in their campaign.


Bit of Katy Perry on now. Shortly we’ll be asking candidates, “do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” Stay put for those answers.


International Officer-elect: Leslie Tay
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Leslie Tay, newly appointed International Officer thinks that it is great that there is finally someone representing international students sitting within the union (this is a BRAND NEW position). He tells Vision, “the challenges for the next few weeks include greater campaigning against the proposed visa changes for international students by the home border agency.”


LGBT Officer-elect: Emma Brownbill
Photo: Oliver Todd


Current Ents officer tells us that he’s known candidates Chris Edwards and Ozge Bektasoglu for about a year now and thinks they’ll do a very good job. He looks forward to seeing what they do.


Racial-Equality Officers-elect: Basim al-Ahmadi and Lawrence Bintie
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Basim Al-Ahmadi, one of the new Racial Equality duo tells Vision, “White members can join but it hasn’t been promoted, this the Racial Equality committee not the Ethnic Minority committee”.

He says that there’s a grey area in his opinions of white members becoming representatives. He reinforces that Racial Equalities is not an exclusive committee and seeing as this is a small town, with an underrepresented community of ethnic minorities – He’s proud to be taking on the role.


Are these election results “written in the stars?”



Vision can exclusively reveal that the Nouse deputy news editor has been spotted singing along to Poker Face.

Furthermore, we’ve just spotted Disabilities Officer candidate Liam and LGBT Officer-elect Emma sharing an intimate moment. We hope this is the start of something beautiful.


Deputy Editor Katy Roberts is “dancing” along to Rhianna. It looks like she’s having spasm – does someone need to call a doctor?


York Sport President candidate Ben McGladdery has told Vision that he’s feeling pretty good. “I’m proud of my campaign,” he told us, “I’m happy with the people who’ve helped – they’re amazing. Whatever happens will happen – I’m trying not too drink too much!”

More Rhianna in LN028. PV: “I LOVE THIS SONG!”


International Officer is another uncontested position, and Leslie Tay receives 1,218 votes to become your new International Officer-elect.


LGBT officer now, Emma’s standing in front of our table looking nervous…

And she gets it with 1042 votes!


Racial Equality Officer is an uncontested position. Basim Al-Ahmadi and Lawrence Binitie received 1,156 votes and are now the joint Racial Equality Officers-elect. Basim said he didn’t expect so much support, but is very grateful, in his acceptance speech.


Rag Officers-elect: Rebecca Irwin (standing) and Baxter Willis (in the box)
Photo: Oliver Todd


Bit of Gaga playing now. Long overdue. Let’s see if Ngwena dances (fingers crossed).
P-p-p-p-poker face.


Volunteering Officer-elect: Hannah Brearley
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Women’s Officers-elect: Cat Wayland and Nell Beecham
Photo: Oliver Todd


A landslide victory for Hannah Brearley as Volunteering Officer with 1,128 votes to her opponent Zhao Yin’s 158. “Thank you,” Brearley said in her acceptance speech, “I love to volunteer!” Short but sweet from the new Volunteering officer. An interview with Brearley will follow.


Council Chair-elect: Luke Sandford
Photo: Oliver Todd


Jaime Riley, elected YUM Chair candidate, told Vision that she was thrilled to have won the position, and flattered by the healthy margin. “I’m absolutely chuffed,” she explained, “and to have a majority from ever college bar my opponent’s is wonderful. I thought we were really evenly matched, so it’s a great boost to know I have so much support behind me.” In her acceptance speech Riley thanked her friends for their help with her campaign, and joked that she didn’t want to be too cheesy because “it isn’t the Oscars, after all!”

Outgoing YUM Chair Chris Young told Vision “it’s great to have a new representative from Vision. She will fairly represent all YUM societies, though I think both candidates would have done a great job!” He went on, “I’m looking forward to seeing how some of Jaime’s ambitious policies work out.”

Vision congratulate the successful Riley, who currently holds the position of Scene editor on our fine paper.


Cat Wayland and Nell Beecham get it by 1188 votes against RON’s 245.

They say “I thought we’d get it in the end”


MG here now. PV is flying around the room “like an arrow” so don’t go anywhere guys! It’s about to get interesting!


YUM Chair-elect: Jaime Riley
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Hannah Brearley tells us that as long as she doesn’t get RONed she’ll be happy


BNOC Jason Rose tells Vision that he’s very excited about tonight and he thinks the President is going to be the closest race in years!

He doesn’t want to guess at who will win it though.


Ben Humphrys, NUS Delegate agrees that being a Sabb right now gave him the “competitive edge”. But was impressed with the support that Alexandra Peck and (OMG), new council chair Luke Sandford got. Ben will be working for the Graduate Training programme after his tenure as Academic Affairs Sabb finishes but will represent York in the four day conference in April 2012.


RON elimnated, and here are the new results.

Quota is 763.

Luke Sandford has won with 783 votes!


We have Council Chair now, an important and changing role. 1622 votes cast, so a quota of 811.

Luke Sandford: 769
Pav Dande: 732

Round 2 now…


A shocked Tom Rigby, new NUS Senate Rep says of his state: “I’m trying to get things together”. He says it’s a bit of an “unspecific” role, but can direct things to his own style. he got over his housemates’ “vote for Ron not for Tom campaign” and had a personal fan page of a cosmologically large 15 members. Lucky it was only started last night, then.


YUM Chair coming up now. It’s Vision vs Nouse, it’s Jaime vs Jake…

1471 votes in total for this, the quota being 786.

Jaime Riley: 917
Jake Farrell:  556

Vision’s own Scene Editor Jaime Riley is our YUM Chair!


Bob Hughes told Vision that he’s excited for the results, but “trying not to think about it too much.” Despite edging ahead in the exit polls, it sounds like Hughes is nervous about running against the incumbent Borisovaite.


Nick Scarlett tells us he believes it will be close between the Presidential candidates as “all four are good”


NUS Delegation-elect:
Photo: Oliver Todd


Vision asked Jaime Riley if she was feeling optimistic about the impending results for the position of YUM Chair. “I hope so,” she told our reporters. “If the results are based on campaigning then yes…” Confident response there from the candidate.


Sam Asfahani has told Vision that “exit polls are never 100% accurate but I still feel semi-confident”


Senate Representative-elect: Tom Rigby
Photo: Ruth Gibson


Vision has been speaking to a few of the candidates who are milling about. Aaron Rolph says, quite simply, “I feel fine, why wouldn’t I? I feel like I should be nervous but I’m not.”

In the mean time, Al Logan has told Vision that he is “brickin’ it. Literally bricking it. I thought I’d lost but it’s close according to the exit poll…”

While Deputy Editor Maddy Potts is dancing the “big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box” dance to Americano song.


The NUS delegates are Ben Humphrys, Alexandra Peck and Luke Sandford. RON put a good showing and if I’m not mistaken, beat one of the candidates.


NUS delegates up next, five candidates running for three positions.


Senate rep is first up…

Tom Rigby: 611
Torris Rasmussen:460
RON:  107

Well Done Tom!


According to Tim there were only five complaints this year, compared to 45 12 months ago. Tim seems to think this is a good thing although I personally think this is because no one knew there was an election going on.


I remember there being more people last year…


Tim’s on stage now, he could not sound more excited about tonight.


Tim Ngwena is dancing on his own on the stage to ‘Boom Boom, Shake the Room’

It is a beautiful sight.

Tick tick boom.


It’s all kicking off here…

Photo: Ruth Gibson


Right, we have a running order for you for this evening, which it seems we’re falling behind on already… Positions will be announced as follows, apparently.

8:00 – Senate Reps and NUS Delegates
8:15 – Council and YUM Chairs
8:30 – Womens, Volunteering and RAG Officers
8:50 – Racial Equality, International and LGBT Officers
9:10 – Ents, Disability and Campaigns Officers

9:30 – York Sport President
9:55 – Welfare Officer
10:20 – Student Activities Officer
10:45 – Academic Affairs Officer
11:10 – YUSU President


Are you in The Courtyard or are you coming tonight? Comment, or even better – come over to the Vision stand and say hello!


And we’ve got an invasion by some kind of oddly dressed bunch. Potentially Fusion, potentially randomers. Probably randomers. First person to tell us who they are gets a gold star.


Vision reporters have spotted Leslie Tay milling about, but it seems the vast majority of candidates are quite simply not going to be around. Alastair Logan was seen with a beer in the Courtyard earlier though – starting a bit early, Al?


It’s all kicking off here in L/N/028… or not. The Yorker, Nouse, YSTV, URY and of course Vision are all milling about, arguing over table space or something, whilst the music is playing to a rather empty dancefloor. A couple of NUS Delegates are around but nobody else, we’ll keep you updated when something actually happens. Doorsafe, we can report, look remarkably calm. Well that’s good then.