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Feminists invited to strip club after ban row

upstairsOutraged feminists have been invited to York’s lap dancing club ‘Upstairs’ in response to an online petition which calls for a rejection of the club’s lease renewal.

‘Upstairs’, located in Mansion, will see its license up for renewal on the 30th November.

The renewal has provoked a strong response from the York Feminist Network, separate from the university, demanding that the York Council does not renew the club’s license.

The petition has caused a stir amongst the University of York Feminists who claim that the petition doesn’t focus on the bigger issues. One slams the petition as an “attack” and comments that this “is just another case where society ignores the reality and focuses on maintaining a ‘moral’ glossy facade.”

The online petition, which currently has 120 signatures, states, “Lap dancing clubs have no place in our community. They promote sexist stereotypes, create ‘no go’ areas for women and local residents, and impact negatively on the character and reputation of York as a welcoming, family-friendly city.”

A student stripper working at the club tells Vision, “Multiple friends of mine have tried to ‘save me’ from my job, until I have explained to them that it is actually something that I enjoy and want to do. “

“As someone who identifies as a feminist, I believe that women should be given the option to do things that they like doing. While a few of the girls that I work with do it through necessity, I am by no means the only one who likes her job.” [sic]

A York councillor, Dave Taylor, has publically stated that “A council can only reject or revoke a license if it breeches one of the four ‘licensing objectives’” and that it is not “Council policy” to revoke a license based on morals. [sic]

You can find the online petition here.


  • TheLogic says:

    Since feminism rose ethics and morals took a down turn. Miley cyrus is the biggest feminists in the world. We know who she is. Get a life and do something productive for the economy, say, get a real job and do not spend taxpayers hard earned money on bullshit crap called feminism.

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  • music promoter says:

    Mansion is actually starting to make a name for itself as a reputable underground venue where regular nights like Freakin, Breakz and Subterrenea are putting on events. The sooner the stripclub gets removed the better, it makes the venue so unnecessarily shady and its mere presence takes away so much credibility from Mansion.

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  • H says:

    What a surprise that Helena Horton wrote this

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  • Cc says:

    You could start addressing “feminist” issues by explaining why York Vision attaches semi nude pictures of women in sexually provocative poses on articles with such frequency. This is the 3rd I’ve noticed, the previous two being the web-cam article and a girl reporting working as an exotic dancer.

    Did the writer(s) of this article pick the picture or someone else within the editorial team?

    Would the person responsible be willing to be interviewed to explain why these images are being used?

    Does York Vision support the use of semi nude images of girls/women to boost views?

    I could go on…

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  • Elvis says:

    Silly women doing jobs they actually want to do! They should know their place. You show ’em Helena!

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  • ss says:

    It is sexist that these women think they have some right to stop something which is done by consenting adults.

    I am sick of these female extremist at your university, something should be done about their sexist, extremist, irrational attitude.

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  • @ss says:

    Don’t worry, most people here think they are cunts too.

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  • get a life says:


    no one is forcing them to work at a strip club… ban the strip club and drive it underground where the women might look to move into Escorting or other under group forms of adult entertainment…. they get paid 20 quid for 5 minutes of dancing and making someone think they are desired…. if thats not empowerment i don’t know what is…. get a life, get l@id, and stop blaming society for your inadequacies.

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  • Cous Cous Duh says:

    So here feminists are telling other women not tos trip, or atleast not giving the the option to strip if they want to…the irony! Biggest hypocrites

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  • Helena Horton says:

    OK this is ridiculous, it is the york city feminists, NOT the uni feminists who want to ban the strip club and this is a NEWS piece, if you want to read my views on the matter read a COMMENT piece such as this one that I wrote DEFENDING the women at the strip club

    if you cared about my views so much maybe you should ask me before making assumptions

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