Lockdown Dating: 4 Dates you can do over Zoom

You no longer need to fear awkward FaceTime dates

With yet another lockdown across the country, dating lives have been moved online for many of us who don’t live with a significant other. So here are 4 dates that you can do over a video call.

  1. Meal for Two

A pretty common date is to go out for a meal, but with a national lockdown this isn’t really an accessible option. Whilst you can always both order a takeaway and eat over a Zoom call, an interesting twist could be to set a budget and order your date’s dinner, keeping it a surprise! Keep in mind this would involve sharing addresses, so make sure to only do this if you feel safe doing so!

  1. Shitpost powerpoint presentations

This idea isn’t exactly new, but has received recent popularity on TikTok. The premise is that you prepare a presentation on a niche topic and present it to the other person- the funnier, the better. This is a good date to include some drinking, and perhaps a prompt list for drinks (drink whenever there’s a text animation etc).

  1. Classic Movie Night

Probably the most common idea on the list, but many streaming services have now made it possible to watch movies together, whilst apart, including Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Another option is the variety of Chrome extensions that make this possible, including Teleparty

  1. Party Games

So many games can be played cooperatively online, but for a more casual setting Skribbl.io and Among Us are good choices. Skribbl.io is an online pictionary where you can add your own prompts and Among Us is a quick-fire, low-stakes, and extremely fun game that can be played together whilst on Zoom or Discord. You can host a private lobby with a group of friends or join a public lobby if it’s just the two of you.