A Very Pessimistic Valentine’s

The holiday seems awfully out of place considering the current pandemic

Well, I don’t know about you but with everything that is going on, I’m not really feeling Valentine’s this year. It’s hard to appreciate the corny cards and permanently cheery teddy bears in our current situation of a, dare I say the word, pandemic. 

It’s not that Valentine’s is an especially important holiday, and many have brushed it off as capitalist and unnecessary leading only to a bunch of discount chocolate on the 15th, but I’m feeling especially gloomy about the whole ordeal this year. 

Last year, I was in good spirits writing that I was too cheap for a meal out and was looking forward to a 2-4-1 takeaway pizza but since I can’t remember the last time I went out for tea and feel sick at the thought of another takeaway, this year I really don’t have the same optimism. I know that I’m lucky not only to be in a relationship, but live with my partner so we don’t have to be apart on Valentine’s, but having spent almost the last year in the house, the living room doesn’t exactly feel like an exotic or fancy night out.

I’m sure some people will take any holiday as an excuse for some sort of positivity but I can’t help feeling like the teddy bears in the supermarket aisles are mocking me with their grins and big fat red bows. This holiday, usually fuelled by set menus, red roses and over-priced glasses of prosecco at dinner, seems awfully out of place in our empty streets and darkened windows of restaurants. 

Perhaps, Valentine’s for many can be a good opportunity to play pretend, as an excuse to block out the news of vaccine counts and government covid-briefings and have a nice day to dedicate to your partner, in person or virtually. Or a good reason to treat your partner to something they’ve been wanting. Hopefully, unlike me, you’re an optimist about the whole thing and are loving indulging in the bouquets, chocolates and cheesy cards because we’ll take anything right now to give us a bit of cheer, especially in the middle of the term.