“Staggered” Return for Students After Christmas

Priority is being given to students who require specialist spaces like laboratories.

Girl looks across Greg's place in blue medical mask
(Image: Iwan Stone)

Students will be ‘staggered’ back to the University after the Christmas holidays, with priority being given to students whose degree requires them access to specialist spaces, such as labs or placements.

Other students will start the second term with exclusively online teaching, and will be asked to return to University up until the 1st February 2021. 

The Department of Education say these measures will restrict COVID-19 transmission on transport, and minimise the risks of transmission between areas, giving every region a greater chance of success in fighting COVID-19.

However, students who need to return earlier are being advised to return to the University whenever they choose.

Students are not expected to change plans they have already made, especially concerning international students who have pre-booked travel.

Equally, if students do not have access to appropriate facilities at home, or if they decide that it would benefit their mental health and well-being to be at the University, they will be allowed to stay.

Jeffery also confirmed that the University experience will be far more reminiscent of the beginning of Autumn Term.

All campus facilities, activities and student support services will continue as normal from 4 January 2021, while still sticking to COVID restrictions.

Study spaces, accommodation services, and on-campus venues will also be available.

This will also mean a return to some sports activities. 

There will be an update next-week containing more specific detail about the resumption of in-person teaching.