New College Committees for Hes East Revealed

Despite elections taking place, key committee positions have not yet been filled.

Constantine, Goodricke, Langwith, and James Colleges have all revealed their new committees, after voting took place over the weekend. 

Despite elections taking place, a significant number of key committee positions were not filled for each of the colleges. 

Of the four colleges that have so far revealed their new committees, Langwith is the only one with an elected Treasurer.

A number of colleges do not yet have an elected Disability Officer or LGBTQ+ Officer for the next year. It is not yet known how each college will tackle this issue.

The colleges on Heslington East held their elections at a joint event over Zoom on Saturday.

Constantine College opened the event, where Marcus Chan was appointed as its new President.

Chan told York Vision that his main priorities were to promote inclusion in the college, making it a “tighter network due to this year’s Freshers being ruined due to COVID”, adding that he felt freshers didn’t get a chance to experience the networking that he did.

Stephen Stanley, Goodricke’s outgoing President, hosted their election, where he offered his thanks to all those who applied. 

Brianna Spear was elected as the new President of Goodricke. 

Spear’s said her main priorities moving forward were to “open up communication between the committee and the students to make sure we’re representing them the best we can”. 

Speaking to Vision, she said she felt “quite confident” that she would do right by students in Goodricke: “we have such an experienced executive team stepping up into their new roles”.

James Harrison of Langwith College closed the Heslington East election, where Charlotte Cross was announced as their new President. 

Cross ran for President on a platform of “keeping the summer formal alive”. It is not yet known whether this will be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

She has promised Langwith students two Freshers Weeks, “so current first years will not miss out”. 

James College also announced their new community representatives, with Georgia Newborough appointed as Executive head of Community, Lucy Grehan-Bradley as Head of Sports, Felix Gralton as Head of Events, all of which is Chaired by Max Stafford.