Tokyo quits as Fibbers merge with rejected club

Edgy music venue Fibbers has quit Stonebow House to merge with Tokyo, Vision can reveal.

The move comes after the owners of Fibbers, Tokyo Industries, disagreed with landlords over a proposed “massive” price hike.

Although its present lease has another 22 months to run, the decision was taken to move straight away.

The plans follow news that Tokyo was recently scrapped as the official Thursday YUSU club night.

The Toft Green club will be renamed ‘Fibbers’ (Credit: Kluens Photography)

Tokyo Industries MD Aaron Mellor said: “We will be sad to leave Stonebow House, but with the lease expiry followed by the possibility of the whole building being razed to the ground, this move guarantees the future of Fibbers and live music in York.

“And it’s a much better space, as last week’s gigs have shown.”

City of York Council also took over the freehold of the building and land earlier this year, and said demolition has not been ruled out.

Tim Hornsby, responsible for booking artists for the venue, opened Fibbers in 1992.

“I’ve been amazed at the reaction to the new premises – it’s been so positive,” he said. “We had three big shows last week in the new venue and everyone I spoke to said, ‘This is awesome’.

“It’s just like the old Fibbers – it has that feel.”

“The sound is much better as well,” Tim said. “For bands the backstage areas and green rooms are exceptional.”

Fibbers will continue to operate its programme of shows from the new venue until it closes down for a refit in August.

A new stage is set to be constructed as part of the work.

The old venue could be razed to the ground by Council top bosses
The old venue could be razed to the ground by Council top bosses

Fibbers have also confirmed that the new size will enable them to book a greater variety of acts.

“We’ll be able to get bands in who aren’t quite big enough for the Barbican but too big for the old Fibbers. So it actually pushes it up a level.

He added: “There’ll be the same sort of price structure.”

Tokyo Industries runs 22 music venues in the Midlands and North of England, and owns the Toft Green premises.

The news follows plans to open a lap dancing club above the venue

3 thoughts on “Tokyo quits as Fibbers merge with rejected club

  1. 1. Get rid of the carpet.
    2. Get rid of the smell of poo.
    3. Get rid of the taccy chandeliers, fake candles and glitterball and cheesy lighting in general.
    4. Install some fans so it doesn’t become a sweatbox.
    5. Fix the booth monitors in both Room 2 and Room 1.
    5. Get some DJ equipment so promoters don’t have to bring every last piece of equipment.


  2. That Tim Hornsby is a crank. Every venue he has ever ran goes tits up, going back to when he had The Duchess in Leeds years ago … I’m York born and bred. Been on the scene for years. The last time I went to Fibbers it was disgusting. Dirty sticky floor, over priced watery drinks, silly students DJ’s playing Miley Cyrus …. a truly horrible place. No wonder they put the rent up. So what will happen now at Tokyo now that ‘Miserable Timmy’ is there? More shitty covers bands?, more off his cliquey friends playing? Boss Caine playing 174 times a week. Ruddy Hell.

  3. Clifton Charver,

    If you went in the middle of a club night then sometimes floor get dirty and sticky…

    £3 double Russian Standard and mixer is over priced you say? Certainly not watery.

    Silly student DJs? Maybe, just maybe, it was a student night.

    This isn’t 1992 anymore, perhaps you’re too old appreciated the club nights.

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