Review: The Northern Youth Afterparty


The fashion show organised by Hard Magazine and BlackBox on Friday was nothing short of impressive. They transformed Central Hall and approached a complex and cohesive concept in various means. The afterparty, however, did not meet these expectations. In fact, it was one of the most disappointing nights in York.

Jack Savidge of Friendly Fires and Gbenga of Metronomy playing b2b in an almost-full-capacity Fibbers sounded like a great idea. However, instead of dancing our woes away until dusk, what we were treated with was mediocre chart house that never really got the party off the ground. The mixing itself was impeccable. Maybe there were too many people, or maybe everyone was still starstruck from being in the same room as the Devil herself, but the crowd did little more than sway. If it wasn’t for the incredible light effects the two DJs were bathed in, the whole thing would have been dangerously underwhelming. I mean, it was. I left the club at about 3am, and I never leave the club at 3am. Rumour has it that York’s own rising star, Alex T, got the crowd dancing when he played a set, but I was fast asleep by then.

Fortunately, Room 2 was there to console us. Newcomers Watson and Gully were alternating spins on the decks between 1.30 and 4 to everyone’s delight. They played some seriously groovy house, and managed to bring some funk in an otherwise underwhelming night. They dropped tunes like this one, which gave me flashbacks to Dan Shake’s amazing set in Fibbers a year ago.

All in all, I have to say – poor effort BlackBox. They have been getting better and better throughout this year: the Palms Traxx event stands as an example.

But then again, perhaps even Jack Savidge and Gbenga were also too starstruck.