Cabaret D event faces the chop following YUSU complaints


A controversial college clubbing event could be facing the chop following complaints made to YUSU Liberation Officers.

Cabaret D typically sees freshers hit D Bar dressed in cabaret gear, which “can include fishnet tights, featherboas, lace and heels” – after arriving at the University for the first time only days earlier.

The event has in the past been seen as problematic by some sections of the student body.

YUSU LGBTQ Officer Jack Chadwick said: “A few Derwenters have raised concerns with the LGBTQ Network about Cabaret D, pertaining to the way the theme’s been  interpreted by some students.

“As a network we really encourage cross-dressing and the exploration of gender but not when it’s done in a way that mocks or degrades transgender people.

“We want to work with Derwent and the JCRC to help guarantee that future events take account of the worries trans students have in these situations.”

York Vision understands a meeting is set to take place later this week between Chadwick and Derwent’s Head of College, Dr Eleanor Brown.

Derwent JCRC Chair Rosalie Dowding said: “Dressing up has never been compulsory at Cabaret D, but there is an opportunity to try cross dressing, which students may never have encountered before university.

“Really this creates far more tolerance than issues!

“The whole event is always one of the most popular events of freshers, as in the day the STYCs take them into town, making sure that they’re comfortable about what they buy.”

The popular fancy dress bash used to be called ‘Slag and Drag’ before the name was changed following uproar from some students.

YUSU President Ben Leatham said: “The LGBTQ officers are elected to represent, amongst other groups, trans* students.

“As a result they are taking the lead on communications with Derwent over Cabaret D.

“I know that the college is keen for all of its events to be as inclusive as possible and so I’m certain they will take any concerns raised about Cabaret D seriously.”

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  1. What even is a Liberation Officer? A representative of underrepresented students?

    Wheres the representative for represented students? Will they look to rename it Slag and Drag if I complain to him/her?

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