The Norman Rea Gallery presents: Miss Hazard

Opening Night: Monday 26th November 2012, 7-9 pm

Week 8

Miss Hazard, (aka Harriet Wood), is a Bristol-based urban artist, illustrator and
designer whose work ranges from street art to imagery for the contemporary
music and performance industry.


Her influences are tribal and communal art from around the world and her

portfolio includes design for print, fashion and fabric, typography, album design and street art. Most of her work takes the form of hand painted murals, canvasses and larger installation works such as her hand painted wall mural at Evil Eye Lounge on Stonegate, York. She finds her inspiration in the contrast of cultures and the way different people live their lives.

For her first solo show, Miss Hazard has been working on a new collection of sprayed canvases and detailed black and white illustrations on paper which will be accompanied by freestanding wall murals. Her work focuses around the ideas of creating a peaceful and thought provoking atmosphere. This exhibition will for the first time bring street art inside the walls of The Norman Rea Gallery, offering an alternative perspective on both the gallery space and the art within.

Curated by Alexandra Jeffrey